Queen Victoria Night Market

Queen Victoria Wednesday Night Market

Going to start my blog with a BANG hehe, well technically this is the second post, but you get me. So it’s Summer time in Melbourne, which means the Wednesday Night Market at Queen Victoria Market is BACK YAY 😀

Last year was the first year for this event I think, but obviously being Melbourne, we loved it so much that it’s back again this year, with more amazing food (if that’s even possible) and entertainment.

Running Sangria
L: Sangria | White wine – $8; R: Sangria | Red wine – $8

Last year I had my first ever Sangria at the market, so of course this year I’m back for some more! I tried out the white Sangria this time as well, it’s definitely a lot sweeter than the red, but I love them both! Perfect to pair with the endless amount of food I’m about to stuff my face with.

On a side note, my mum hated these. But all that means is more for me yay.

Simply Spanish
Beef Pinchos | Grilled beef skewers served with garden salad – $10

More Spanish food! These skewers actually exceeded my expectations, let’s be honest, they weren’t cooked to perfection by any means. However, the marinate was tasty, and the smokiness from the grill took it to the next level. The salad, although super simple – just lettuce leaf I think – had an excellent dressing, I remember thinking “how the hell can green leaves taste so good” LOL (clearly not a salad person).

Simply Spanish
BBQ Pork Belly | BBQ to perfection marinated select tender pork belly served on steam rice with Spanish style quince sauce (this sound so fob I know, but I didn’t write it I swear!) – $12

Pork belly is the one thing that I will always order, doesn’t matter if it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These pork belly did not disappoint, tender and juicy, some crispy skin would’ve been perfection, but oh well, perfection’s overrated. The Spanish quince had just the right amount of acidity to cut through the richness of the pork belly. There was one let down though – the steamed rice. So let’s just get this straight before we move on, if you haven’t figured out by now, I’m Chinese, so I eat rice pretty much all day everyday. I understand that different cuisines use different types of rice, and the cooking method differs too, but seriously, the rice here were half cooked, legit, there were hard bits that was seriously inedible.
Simply Spanish on Urbanspoon

Hoy Pinoy | Flipino BBQ & Street Food
Lechon Baboy | Whole pig “Cebu style”. Served with rice, archara and sarsa lechon – $12

I haven’t tried Filipino cuisine before, the only place I’ve seen it is in one of Chester See’s videos where Mama See cooks some Flipino styled chicken – super relevant I know. Anyway, this was pretty good. When we walked past the stall, a whole sucking big being roasted was what drew us in, my mum was all like “IS THAT ROAST PORK”, but no, unfortunately it’s not. It still tasted decent though, the sauce was nutty, and the shredded radish (?) salad was refreshing. The crispy skin wasn’t all that crispy (my mum asked for extra LOL), but overall it was still above average. Oh yeh, the rice was much better.
Hoy Pinoy on Urbanspoon

Nepal Dining Room
Chicken Sekuwa (Grill) | Chicken fillet marinated with garlic, ginger, rock salt, soy sauce with a touch of lime, grilled, sliced and served with a tomato chutney and fresh green salad – $12

MORE MEAT. This was not all that memorable, possibly because I was pretty full by this stage. The chicken wasn’t dry I think, and the salad was what I expect from a garden salad – boring. The tomato chutney was good with the chicken. But yeh, I didn’t think there was anything distinctively Nepalese about this dish, not that I’ve had a whole lot of experience on this cuisine anyway.

Coconut Hub
Sugarcane Juice with Pineapple Juice – $6

This tasted pretty amazing, I loveeeee sugarcane juice, and they’re so hard to come by in Melbourne, maybe only ever at Chinese New Year festivals and night markets. When I was in the line, the two girls behind me were talking about how in Asian Countries, they juice the sugarcane twice, which made me chuckle a little, oh Asians. But seriously, this was ridiculously sweet, simply because of how pure it was, my mum came up with the theory that in China, the ratio of actual sugarcane juice to water is probably 1:2, because she pretty much added half a cup of water and it still didn’t taste all that diluted.

Dutch Pancakes
Butter, Sugar and Maple – $8

No matter how full I am, some dessert is always welcome. And how can anyone say no to these cute miniature pancakes? Okay, I get that this is pretty much just regular pancakes but smaller, but they’re SO CUTE. I can never get over the novelty of cute small things. Apart from the cuteness factor, these were decent, a bit undercooked I think, but yeh, their cute exterior makes that okay in my book.

Queen Victoria Wednesday Night Market

As you can see, there’s a lot of people at this event. So definitely try to get in early if you can, and by early I mean 6pm, which isn’t all that bad. If you rock up later than that, parking would be a pain too I’d imagine. The lines can be pretty long for the food, up to around 15 minutes when I visited. The undercover part was definitely very hot and humid, because of all the food stalls and the amount of people, but once you come out onto the tables and have a sip or two of Sangria, the weather becomes perfection.

This is an event I’d recommend anyone with a passion for food, craft and just the market atmosphere to go. It’s not cheap, that’s for sure, the food varies between $10-$15 each, and one of them won’t fill you up, so yeh, grab a $50 and mark this down for next Wednesday!

The Wednesday Night Market will be open every Wednesday 5-10pm (excluding Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve) until March 25.

How to get there:
Public Transport | Hop on tram 19, 59 and 57 from Flinders Street or Melbourne Central station – the Elizabeth Street Exit, and get off at stop #7.
By Car | There’s a huge carpark right next to Victoria Market, and it’s going to cost you a flat rate of $10 for the whole night.

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