Ajisen Ramen

The first time I ever had Ajisen Ramen was in Hong Kong International Airport back in 2009, I remember it so vividly LOL, not the actual food, but just how hot and stuffy it was in the airport, and why the hell did I choose to eat a big hot bowl of ramen?!

Memories aside, I’ve tried out the Ajisen Ramen in Melbourne Central. We were at Glen Waverley one afternoon, none of us felt like Chinese food, but we still wanted to keep it reasonably cheap, so we went for Ajisen Ramen.

Tonkatsu Ramen | Ramen served with deep fried pork. egg, and vegetables – $12.50

Tonkatsu Ramen | Ramen served with deep fried pork, egg and vegetables

The service at Ajisen Ramen was pretty minimal, but the food came out real fast. The tonkatsu was decent, how can anything deep fried in batter not be? The pork was a bit dry, but once soaked in the soup it was all good. I hate that they put cabbage in this though, it just taste so bland, because it was probably just blanched in some water and dumped in the soup. The ramen itself was alright, the noodle a litter over-cooked, and the broth on the salty side, but strong with the pork flavour.

Spicy Miso Ramen | Ramen served with spicy meat, egg & vegetables in miso broth – $11.50

Spicy Miso Ramen | Ramen served with spicy meat, egg & vegetables in miso broth – $11.50

This didn’t taste that spicy when I first had some, but the more I ate, the spicier it got. The miso broth had a much milder flavour in comparison to the tonkotsu broth that the other ramen was served in. I like the vegetables in this ramen a lot better, shredded seaweed and bean shoot, there were still some cabbage but I just ignored those.

Nasu Dengaku | Deep fried eggplant served with miso sauce – $6.50

I don’t think the eggplant was deep fried, probably just grilled. Nonetheless, it had a silky texture, and paired perfectly with the miso sauce.

Ajisen Ramen in Glen Waverley was exactly what I expected, authentic by no means, but still manages to offer some decent renditions of Japanese for a reasonable price. When I can’t be bothered to travel far for a bowl of ramen, I’ll be happy to hit up Ajisen Ramen

How to get there:
Ajisen Ramen is located next to Century City Walk, a short 5 minutes walk from Glen Waverley Station.

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