How quaint is the little water tap?

There are quite a few Japanese restaurants popping out in Glen Waverley, I’ve heard great things about Waya from a couple of friends, and decided it was time for me to try it out.

Panoramic ’cause that’s how much we ordered LOL

Waya had a nice selection of sushi, sashimi, snacks, bentos and ramen, the long menu meant that we literally took half an hour deciding what to order, because we wanted to try a little bit of everything.

Waya Sushi | 4 California rolls, 2 grilled salmon nigiri, 1 prawn nigiri, 1 tamago nigiri – $12.50
One of my friends really wanted some California rolls, but instead of ordering a whole plate of that, we decided to order a nice platter that gave us a selection of several sushis and nigiris. The standout was the grilled salmon nigiri for me, the salmon was nicely blow-torched, with a little bit of sweet soy drizzled on top.
Waya Maki | Inside out rolls with salmon, cucumber and avocado topped with tobiko and spicy sauce | $12.50
I love tobiko, they have such an unique texture, and added a lot to these rolls. The salmon didn’t taste too fresh though, but once doused in soy and wasabi, it was barely noticeable.
Wafu Salad | Mixed vegetables with tomato, cucumber, onion, corn served with special Japanese sesame sauce – $7
To counter-balance all the fried food we ordered, we decided to get one salad at least. The sesame dressing didn’t have a strong sesame flavour, which was a shame. Although it was not stated on the menu, most of the bowl was filled with shredded cabbage. The salad was pretty average, but more dressing definitely would’ve helped. Oh yeh, fun fact of the day – apparently corns don’t get digested at all.
Takoyaki | Deep fried octopus balls with special sauce and mayonnaise, topped with boniko flakes – $6.50
There was certainly a lot of boniko with the takoyaki, it fascinated me everytime when the flakes curl up due to the heat. The takoyaki that were hidden underneath were quite tasty, with plenty of octopus pieces.
Seafood Nuggets | Deep fried scallops served with mayonnaise – $8
After seeing seafood nuggets on the menu, I thought it would be fried crab stick or something, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were actually scallops that has been deep fried, with a crumbly batter! The scallops were plump and juicy, and paired perfectly with the kewpie.
Chicken Teriyaki Bento – $13.80
We decided to order a bento as well, ’cause you know, we need more food. The bento was served with teriyaki chicken, two pieces of califonia rolls, tamago, seaweed salad, yakito, and a salad. The teriyaki chicken was average, tasted pretty similar to one that you could get from the food court to me, and the yakitori had a similar sauce to the teriyaki chicken, but it was a lot drier, probably our own fault for eating it last haha.
The eating experience at Waya was quite pleasant overall, they served up some nice dishes, and the booths towards the back of the restaurant felt quite secluded and gave us some privacy to laugh at stupid things without disturbing the other customers (or so we thought). It’s not authentic by all means, but then again, I haven’t visited Japan, so my expectations aren’t that high, yet.

Also, just a side note. UNAGI.

How to get there:
Waya is on Kingsway, a couple doors down from Century City Walk, which is 5 minutes walk away from Glen Waverley Station

Waya Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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