The Maling Room

Brunch is definitely one of the things that make Melbourne stand out as a city, the ambience, the coffee, the food, the people, they each bring something to the experience, making it such an unique encounter each and every time. Most good brunch places are located in the CBD area however, and I’ve been on the hunt for a decent cafe in the eastern suburbs, ’cause you know, myki and all.

The Maling Room certainly has a different charm to it, compared to those exposed wall, high ceiling, baristas that are too cool to even offer you a smile brunchin’ places, you know exactly what I’m talking about 😉 But yeh, it’s old school, I think the building used to be a postal office; and has an English tea house vibe to it.

Top: Hot Chocolate | $4.80
Bottom: Skinny Flat White | $3.80
Hot Chocolate | $4.80

You can’t have brunch without coffee, or in my friend’s case, hot chocolate. She said that it didn’t taste like it was made from powder, which is always a plus.

Skinny Flat White | $3.80

I went with my usual order of skinny flat white, and although the latte art was a bit on the sad side of things, the coffee itself tasted pretty good. It was smooth, with a bit of tang to it, and none of that bitter after-taste.

Eggs Benedict – Smoked bacon, 63 degree eggs and spinach served with hollandaise – $16.50

Ah eggs benedict, sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics. This was certain a bit more fancy than usual though, with 63 degree eggs instead of your run-of-the-mill poached eggs, and I’ve gotta say, they definitely tasted better.

Good ol’ egg porn 😀

The eggs were definitely the star of the dish, but the components worked well together too, I mean, it’s eggs benedict, what could be wrong? The serving was on the smaller end of things though, which may have been a blessing in disguise, because it left me feeling content without a food coma yay.

Banjo eggs:  smoked bacon, fried eggs and HP sauce on a brioche bun – $10.50

In comparison, the banjo eggs were average. I mean, they weren’t bad or anything, but there was no wow to it (clearly been watching too many reality TV shows LOL). But for the price, it was reasonable I guess.

The Maling Room was decent enough that I would return if I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to travel that far, but then again, there are a place or two that I enjoy better that’s around the same distance from home. The menu comprised of the more traditional brunch food I guess, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because let’s be real, old is sometimes better.

How to get there:
The Maling Room is around 5 minutes walk from Surrey Hills Station, which is on the Belgrave and Lilydale line.

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