Monga Dessert Lounge

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Monga is a place I’ve been to a million times, it’s serves up some great renditions of traditional Hong Kong dessert, which is a lot harder to come by than the ever expanding Taiwanese dessert market in Melbourne. The set up is just like Hong Kong, complete with the mahjong table in the corner.

Pineapple Bun and Milk Tea Set | $6.50
Pineapple Bun and Milk Tea Set | $6.50

Pineapple bun is a classic HK dessert. These were freshly toasted, and once the slice of butter melts between the bun, it tasted divine. Although simple, this definitely hits the spot every single time.

Pineapple Bun and Milk Tea Set | $6.50

The milk tea and pineapple bun is pretty decent value for money, and the milk tea itself was average. There was ample amount of ice to cool you down on a hot Melbourne day, but I would’ve preferred a stronger tea flavour.

French Toast w/ Durian | $7.50

This was actually the first time I tried this dish, I was missing out. When this dessert first came to the table it looked pretty basic, however, the HK style of French toast – bread coated in egg and deep fried – never disappoints, and this was no exception.

The durian between the two slices of bread was hot and gooey, together with the golden syrup and butter on top, let’s just say it was worth every calorie. If you’re a durian fan, definitely give this a go!

‘Musang King’ Durian Fritters w/ Deluxe Durian Ice Cream | $9.50

The durian fritters with durian ice cream is a dessert that we have ordered quite a few times, how can you say no to anything durian?! This can be a bit of a hit and miss though, once the durian was still frozen inside. However, this time the durian was soft and full of flavour inside the crispy batter, and the durian ice cream enhanced the durian experience, if that’s even possible, ’cause let’s be honest, you can never eat too much durian.

There is one thing that always taints the experience for me at Monga – the service. I’m used to non-existent service, but the waiters at Monga don’t just give minimal service, they’re rude whenever you ask them for anything. There may have been one or two exceptions in the times I have visited Monga, but I never go in there expecting anything service wise. Nonetheless, the dessert is clearly decent enough that I can ignore the horrible service. That being said though, it would be nice if they changed their behaviour.

How to get there:
Monga is located on station street, across the street from Box Hill Shopping Centre, Box Hill Station is located on the ground floor, and it’s on the Belgrave and Lilydale lines.

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