Percy’s Aeroplane

I’ve slowly accumulated a backlog of photos, so yeh, bear with me while I get through these! Before I went to Shanghai for my exchange, I caught up with friends and whatnot, and let’s be honest, catch up is just another phrase for brunch. This time we went to Percy’s Aeroplane in Kew, it’s been on my to-go list in a while, and I’m glad I’m finally able to tick it off!

Calmer Sutra Loose Leaf Chai Latte Pot | $4.50

I strayed away from my usual order of skinny flat white for the drink, and tried the chai latte instead. It looked quite promising when it first arrived on the table, with the whole shabam – teapot, cup, and a strainer. However, it had a quite weak chai flavour, and pretty much just tasted like warm milk with the tiniest hint of chai.

Berry Whole Fruit Smoothie | $3.90

My friend ordered the smoothie, hoping that it would be homemade, unfortunately this wasn’t the case, but it was still quite refreshing, she said.

Percy Thyme: smashed avocado, thyme infused mushrooms on multigrain toast, baby spinach, dukkah, creamy goats cheese curd and a poached egg w/ balsamic reduction | $16.50

I swear to god they used to serve this dish on a wooden board. Presentation aside, the mushrooms were full of flavour, I could definitely taste the thyme, the balsamic reduction wasn’t as noticeable, and it was subtle in a pleasant way.


This was pretty disappointing though. I’ve actually never had a bad experience with poached eggs at a restaurant before, so yeh, this egg was definitely way overcooked, and there’s really not much else I can say about it. Oh and just a side note, what happened to the dukkah?

Pulled Pork Burger: on a pan de mie bun with housemade coleslaw | $12.50

My friend’s been having an obsession with pulled pork lately, so she ordered this straight away after seeing it on the menu. The pulled pork was tender and juicy, and paired nicely with the coleslaw, I wasn’t a huge fan though, just because I hate carrots haha, but hey, that’s just me, my friend thoroughly enjoyed her burger.

Percy’s Aeroplane served up a lot less than my expectation, from the mediocre drink, to the failed egg. The cafe did have a lovely atmosphere, and the decor was right up my alley. I am willing to give it a second chance, having said that though, that probably won’t be for a while.

How to get there:
Catch tram 109 from Box Hill, Port Melbourne or Parliament, and get off at stop 32 – Kew Junction/High Street, Percy’s Aeroplane is around 3-5mins walk from the tram stop

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