Shanghai Street Dumpling

Shanghai Street Dumpling is famous for their dumplings, duh! But more importantly, it’s famous for their xiao long bao – a soupy dumpling, which literally translates to “small steamer bao”. Of course I wanted to give this place a go before I headed off to Shanghai for a month, just to get my body ready ya know?
Homemade Golden Sesame Seeded Bacon and Spring Onion Cakes – $4.80

We started off our meal with these crunchy pastries. There were no bacon or spring onion, none that I could see anyway, but there was plenty of sesame seeds to go around. These cakes were quite plain though, and I wouldn’t order it again.

Pork and Prawn Wonton in Chilli Oil with Peanut and Sesame Butter Sauce (15 pcs) – $8.80

These wontons had quite a subdued filling, I mean they were nice, but nothing special, and I couldn’t really taste the prawns. The sesame and peanut sauce was amazing though, it reminded me of peanut butter! I wish there was more of a kick with the chilli oil though, or better yet, jars of chilli on the table, ’cause then I can add an obnoxious amount without being judged yayer #winning

Homemade Steamed Shanghai XiaoLongBao (Chicken and Prawn, 8 pcs) – $10.80 

Let’s be real, I came here for the XLBs, and although they did not wow me, they were pretty decent. We wanted to order the original pork XLB, but they were sold out already, in fact, the chicken and prawn were the only ones available, which just goes to show how crazy people are about these little morsels.

I can definitely see why people are obsessed with these. The filling was plump, and the skin was the perfect consistency to not break apart when you pick one up with chopsticks, and the star of the show – the soup – was certainly very tasty.

Chinese Spinach and Pork Wonton Soup with Vegetables in Clay Pot (12 pcs) – $9.00

Of course we had to order something soupy, and we saw another table ordering the same dish and it looked quite promising, but see, looks can be deceiving. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t bad, actually, the only word I can think of that describes it is plain. The ratio of Chinese Spinach and pork was a bit off, I could barely taste the Chinese spinach, turning it into just a plain pork wonton.

The never ending line LOL

I left a little disappointed, I mean, it certainly wasn’t a bad meal, but it wasn’t great either. For the price though, the food was of a decent standard. I do think that Shanghai Street is over-hyped however, but then again, what isn’t nowadays? I feel extremely spoilt after eating XLB for a month straight – no joke – from the uni canteen, where I could get half a dozen with a single gold coin, but I guess the frozen XLB that’s constantly found in our fridge will be enough to suffice my XLB cravings for a while.

How to get here:
Shanghai Street Dumpling is located on the corner of Swanston Street and Little Bourke Street, opposite Melbourne Central.

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