Rice Workshop

Rice Workshop have been popping up in a lot of shopping centres over the past year, Glen, Knox, Box Hill, just to name a few. My friend said that it’s like a better version of Hanaichi, and I gotta agree. Apart from their delicious sides and snacks, the green tea soft serve is definitely something that’s worth all the hype.

Beef Udon – $7.90

The udon was quite tasty. The beef was nice and tender, although the soup was a little on the sweet side.

The udon itself was cooked to a nice al dante as well, making this a simple but hearty meal.


The gyoza was a surprise favourite! The filling had the perfect pork to cabbage ratio, and there was quite a lot of spring onion, which I was a fan of. It could’ve done with being pan fried for a tiny bit longer, so that the bottom would be more crispy, but hey, I ain’t complaining about what I got.

Top: Chicken Wing
Bottom: Chicken Karrage

I’m clearly obsessed with the spicy mayo, but that’s because it’s delicious! It made the already flavoursome chicken karrage even better. The chicken wing, on the other hand, was quite average, and hard to eat because it was on a skewer.

Rice Workshop certainly hits the spot when you want something nice, but are tight on a budget, aka my life story LOL. But yeh, I’m definitely a fan of the concept of Japanese fast food, and I’m not one to ever say no to a green tea soft serve.

How to get there:
Rice Workshop is located in Box Hill Shopping Centre.

Rice Workshop on Urbanspoon

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