Code Black Coffee

dat side profile LOL

I went to Code Black after completing my LSAT, speaking of which, I just received my mark today, unsure how I feel about it since there’s so much uncertainties around the entire application process, but either way, I’m happy that it’s all over, until August that is haha. Okay enough rambling, back to Code Black haha, it didn’t have a lot of reviews on Urbanspoon, but I decided to try my luck.

Skinny Flat White – $3.50

This was one of those times when spontaneous decision led to happy endings. The flat white was smooth and silky, with a nutty after taste, I ain’t no coffee connoisseur,  but I know a good coffee when I drink one, and this is definitely one of the better cup of coffee I’ve had close to uni.

Hot Smoked Salmon | Applewood hot smoked salmon w crispy citrus and herb potato cake, poached egg, watercress, avocado and horseradish hollandaise – $18.00

This is a combination that I haven’t seen before, but everything worked so well together! The potato rosti that was hiding beneath all of the other components remained crispy. The hollandaise didn’t have a strong horseradish flavour, which I actually preferred, since it meant that it didn’t overwhelm the salmon.

obligatory egg porn

This is the classic example of letting the ingredients shine for themselves, with just the tiniest bit of help from the kitchen. This was actually my first brunch back, and it reminded me of how uplifting (weird, I know) the experience can be.

future house inspo?

I’m always happy to discover new brunchin’ areas close to uni, I mean, there’s only so many times you can eat a stale sandwich, or the kebab from Union House. The food is one of the main, if not only, reason that a lot of people chose to study in the city I’m sure, and Code Black, along with its high quality produce, house roasted coffee, Scandinavian decor, brings something new to the picture.

How to get there:
Code Black is across the road from the Spot on Elizabeth Road, 5-10 minutes walk from the Spot at most.

Code Black Coffee on Urbanspoon

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