Earl Canteen

One hour long lunch breaks is the perfect time for me to grab a quick bite at Emporium, and the Cafe Court located on level 3 definitely brings something extra to your everyday food court. I chose to eat at Earl Canteen this time.

The Pork Belly | Crisp skin free-range pork belly, apple & fennel coleslaw, wilted silverbeet – $13.50

No need to beat around the bush, I went straight for their signature – Pork Belly Sandwich. The pork belly certainly had some nice crackling, and the crunch paired amazingly well with the turkish bread that the filling was all stuffed in. The apple and fennel coleslaw provide more texture, and gave the sandwich a refreshing touch. The wilted silverbeet was kind of unnecessary in my opinion, it didn’t add much to the sandwich.

The sandwich was pretty tasty, but I’m not sure that I’m willing to pay $13.50 just for one piece of pork belly and some coleslaw. It did keep me full for the rest of the day though which is a plus.

Earl Canteen also has a selection of pre-packed salads, sandwiches and drinks, which is convenient if you’re in a rush!

How to get there:
Earl Canteen is located in the Cafe Court in Emporium, level 3.

Earl Canteen Emporium on Urbanspoon

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