How to Get Back into Reading!

Back in the days, I used to read a shit ton of books (mainly Chinese LOL), but yeh, it’s definitely a hobby that I just forgot about, or, idk, didn’t have time for? Which is bullshit since you know, I have time to procrastinate by watching YouTube videos until ungodly hours on a daily basis, or watch Friends from the beginning to end for the 3408173712462th time. ANYWAY! So start of this year, I got back into the habit of reading yay! I haven’t been reading that many books just because you know, the need to ease into things and all, but I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job! So just thought I’d share a few tips on how to get back into reading!

Okay, here goes the list.

1. Read on your commute to work/uni/school.


Don’t if you’re driving, DUH. But yeh, if you’re catching any form of public transport, instead of eavesdropping on the people sitting behind you, why not pick up a book? People’ll even think you’re intellectual and all, a bonus I’d say.


2. Download e-books onto your phone/tablet/kindle.

I know that a big reason that I don’t read is because I can’t be bothered to carry one around with me. Books are heavy alright, it’s a legitimate excuse. I haven’t invested money into buying a kindle yet, I might if this whole reading thing actually sticks, but yeh, for the past few months, I’ve just been reading on my phone – yes, phone, I know, it’s bad for my eyes, oh well.
3. Listen to audiobooks.


Audiobooks worked wonders for a lot of people I hear, but it doesn’t really work for me, because um, I kind of just fall asleep? And a lot of the times, I actually hate the narrator’s voice so much that it puts me off the book – The Fault in Our Stars I’m looking at you. I usually only listen to audiobooks for books I’ve read already, I’ve been listening to Harry Potter lately, and yay for Jim Dale!
4. Read short books that you can finish in one sitting, or a collection of short stories even!

There’s no point picking up a 384712329 pages deep and philosophical book, because let’s be real, you’re never going to finish it. Sometimes, if a book is too long and it doesn’t interest you right away, it’s hard to continue reading. It might be amazing after the first hundred pages but you’ll never find out! That’s why books that are shorter in length are better when you’re just dipping your toes into reading, they’re usually a lot more fast-paced, and the storylines are happening a lot faster because of the sheer number of pages the author has to tell the story within. Same goes for short stories, they can usually be finished under half an hour, and yeh, you’ll finish it before you even realise!

5. Join Goodreads so you have friends to read with.

I’m new to this one as well. Basically, Goodreads is the iMDb of books. You can read people’s reviews, join groups, make friends, all that fun stuff. I love that you can categorise your books onto shelves, and update your progress as you’re reading a book. Idk, the sense of accomplishment is just so real when you click on that little button that says “I’ve finished this book”! There are also a bunch of other cool stuff Goodreads offers, like interviews with authors and whatnot, I’m still discovering its features as we speak. Oh yeh, add me while you’re at it, and feel free to laugh at how little friends I have hahahaha 😦

6. Open a book and start reading NOW. 

Because better late than never, a journey with a thousand miles begins with a single step, if you never try you’ll never know, and all dem other good ol’ clichés. Chances are, if you managed to read through all my rambling, you’ve got the patience to do some real reading already.

Happy reading!

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