Gelato Messina

Back when Messina first opened in Melbourne a little over a year ago, I was as obsessed with it as the rest of Melbourne. Pretty sure I went there 3 times one week, ’cause you know, gotta try out all dem flavours – a mission which I’m still yet to complete.

what dreams are made of ❤

Messina has a huge selection of flavours, from your average pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, to the more adventurous apple pie, banana split, panna cotta with fig jam and amaretti biscuits. On top of all these, there’s the weekly specials – possibly some of the best flavours ever, they never fail to impress me!

Chocolate Fondant and So Wrong It’s Right – $6.00

The chocolate fondant was rather rich, it left a slightly bitter dark chocolate aftertaste. The texture was creamy and delectable, definitely several levels better than your average chocolate ice cream.
My favourite on the day though, was so wrong it’s right, and dayum, it’s right alright. Cream cheese and caramel gelato, the perfect base with some smashed white chocolate chips chucked in, and smothered in duck fat caramel, um, how is the first time I’ve had duck fat caramel????? Nts: make at home ASAP. It was pure bliss as I devoured the ice cream, the chips, the caramel, so wrong but so right indeed.

Messina never fails to disappoint, with their innovative flavours and friendly service. I remember back in the summertime, the line would be soooooo long it would go outside of the store, but the staff was still patient enough to allow you plenty of time to decide what to get, and are always happy to offer some tasters! Messina is hands down, best gelato ever. Can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can visit more often, LOL who am I kidding, rain or snow, nothing can stop me! ^______^

How to get there:
Messina is located on Smith Street, catch tram 86 and get off at stop 18, Hodgson Street/Smith Street.

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