Laksa Bar

Laksa Bar has been opened for a while now, and after gaining popularity in their Little Lonsdale Street location, they quickly opened up a second store in Prahran. 
House Curry Laksa w/ Soft Shell Crab (Regular) – $14.90

Almost every diner had a bowl with soft shell crabs poking out of them, and I obviously could not resist the temptation. It came with ONE AND A HALF SOFT SHELL CRABS, madness I know. The crunchy soft shell crab was the perfect addition to the other bits and pieces in the laksa. The broth was a bit salty by itself, but when eaten with the other things it was actually quite nice.

There was a lot more going more than just the soft shell crabs on top, in fact, after a bit of digging, I found half a fried egg, tomato, green beans, fish cake, tofu puffs and bean shoots. Definitely a super filling bowl of noodles.

Service was pretty minimal at Laksa Bar, considering it was pretty much all self service, order at the counter and they’ll bring you out a hot bowl of laksa a few minutes after. This was clearly a popular eatery amongst white collars from the offices close by, and I can definitely see the attraction, especially since Winter is coming (GOT yay).

How to get there:
Laksa Bar is located on Little Lonsdale Street, less than two blocks down from Melbourne Central.

Laksa Bar CBD on Urbanspoon

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