Seven Seeds

Ah Seven Seeds, so much feels. This is the first cafe I visited around uni back in my first year, and although I loved the coffee, my plate of food had a piece of hair on it, and when I told the waitress about it, the lack of an apology and just the overall poor service made it one of the worst restaurant going experience I’ve had, the fact that the review I left them on Urbanspoon was deleted three times didn’t help either.

Iced Latte – $4.00

Having said all that, clearly I have gone back to Seven Seeds since, and one of the main reasons is their coffee. Although their regular coffee is slightly pricier than usual at $4.00 a cup, the taste cannot be faulted. The iced latte had a robust flavour, and I love the giant cube of ice, which melted slow enough to not dilute the latte too much.

Orange Juice – $5.50

Freshly squeezed OJ always gets a tick in my book, and this tall glass of juice sourced from Vic Market Juices was as fresh as it can get.

Eggs Benedict on English Muffins w/ Corned Beef and a Seeded Mustard Hollandaise – $16.00

We saw someone else from the communal table being served the eggs benedict, and my friend just couldn’t resist. Classics are called that for a reason, you just know all the flavours will work nicely together. The eggs were slightly overcooked however, which can be overlooked for the creamy hollandaise.

Confit Duck Salad w/ Freekah, Corn, Roasted Cashews, Shaved vegetables and a Soy-Lime Dressing – $18.00

The confit duck salad sounded amazing on paper, however, I was thoroughly disappointed. After spending a good ten minutes picking out the carrots (I only like carrots raw and by themselves, not the restaurant’s fault I know), I could only find two pieces of duck,  which pretty much flavourless. The rest of the salad was uninspiring too, but the roasted cashews did give a nice nutty flavour, although it was certainly not enough to save the dish.

House Smoked Salmon on Dark Rye, Poached Eggs, Minted Smashed Peas w/ Horseradish Cream Cheese and a Green Salad – $18.00

This looked a lot more appetising when it was placed on the table, but there were still some faults. The salmon didn’t have a distinct smoky flavour, and the peas definitely didn’t look smashed. Overall, the components did work well together, but it still remained an average dish.

Both the dishes and service were a bit of a hit-and-miss, which seems to be a recurring theme at Seven Seeds from the few times I’ve visited. It’s still very popular amongst students though, the high ceilinged warehouse is packed full throughout the day, and there can be a bit of wait for a table.

You may be wondering, why have I been going back to Seven Seeds again and again considering the lukewarm feelings I have towards it, and the answer to that is simple – convenience. It’s literally a stone’s throw away from The Spot, and yeh, that may seem like a pretty weak reason, but it’s really all I can give you. Would I return? Possibly, although I have discovered some other places around uni that serves up better food, Stovetop, Le Miel Et La Lune, The Vertue of the Coffee Drink just to name a few, so yeh, maybe I’ll just stop by Seven Seeds for a coffee fix from now on.

How to get there:
Catch trams 19 and 59 and get off at Haymarket, and walk for 5 minutes. Alternatively, if you go to Melbourne Uni too, it’s right down Berkeley Street, 5 minutes (if that) walk away from The Spot.

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