Shaanxi Style

From its name, it’s already obviously what kind of cuisine Shaanxi Style serves, Shaanxi food DUH! Shaanxi is a province in northeast China, and like most northern provinces, a lot of their food is based around flour, for example, all sorts of handmade noodles, baos and dumplings, and most dishes make use of a good amount of garlic and chilli.
Shaanxi-Style Braised Beef – $6.50

This is a common cold dish in Chinese restaurants, sort of like corned beef, but it has been braised in a bunch of aromatics and spices. It is then sliced thinly after being cooled down. The beef is usually really tough and full of tendons, which is why it needs to braised over a low heat for a long time. The braised beef did not tasted particularly Shaanxi-y per-se, but it was very tender and flavoursome.

Shaanxi-Style Sandwich (Pork) – $5.00

These little sandwiches is a common street food in Shaanxi. A thick and dry pancake is firstly being toasted, then cut in half, and filled with whatever filling you choose, which in this case was pork. My grandma loves this dish, she said that it’s even better than the ones she buys near her house back in China. The pork has been cooked in a soy based stock for a long period of time, it reminds me of pulled pork!

Left: Lamb Skewers – $2.50 each
Right: Chicken Wings – $2.00 each

These types of BBQ skewers is again, a common street food in China. In fact, lamb skewers was one of my favourite when I was little, I remember there was a place just outside of the apartment complex we lived in, and we used to go there all the time! Mmmm nostalgia. These lamb skewers were very tasty, having been BBQed over charcoal, which gives it a strong smoky flavour, along with the cumin and chilli powder, it’s just something I’ll never get sick of.

The chicken wings on the other hand, were unremarkable, but there was plenty of them so I guess that’s a plus?

Special Shaanxi Noodle – $10.90

Man, this restaurant really need to work on the English translation of some of the dishes, they literally don’t tell you anything about the dish itself. This one for example, the Chinese name tells you that it’s a stir fry of beef, sliced pancakes and cumin, whereas the English is just “Special Shaanxi Noodle”, really? Anywayyy, this dish was packed with flavour again, courtesy of the cumin and garlic, and the pancakes being used was a thin type, that was actually really stretchy, which made the dish even more interesting.

Beef Rice Noodle Soup – $9.90

Excuse the crappy photo, I forgot to take another one after we’ve had some of the soup 😦 I guess you’ll just have to take my words on this one hehe. So, the beef stock had a quite complex and rich flavour, and was perfect on a cold day. There were rice noodle, tofu puffs, bok choy and slices of beef in the soup, and it was a simple but delicious bowl of noodles.

Shaanxi Style adds something to the ever changing scene at Box Hill, as Shaanxi cuisine is something that is not often seen in Melbourne. Oh yeh, one of the must try dishes is the Cold Steamed Rice Noodle ($5.00), we usually always order this dish, because it was one of my mum’s favourite thing to eat in China and she’s so happy to have found a restaurant that serves up an authentic version of it!

How to get here:
Shaanxi Style is located on Whitehorse Road, just opposite Box Hill Shopping Centre, across the road from Bread Top actually!

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