Trippy Taco

I used to always get Smith Street and Brunswick Street confused, the thing is, they just both have a bajillion restaurant on them and it’s hard to remember what’s where! One time, my friends and I were on Brunswick Street, and we literally walked for half an hour trying to find Trippy Taco, because we kept on thinking it was on the next corner, super sad story I know 😦 A year later, I finally got over that traumatising experience and found it with the help of good ol’ Google Map!
Mixed Taco Meal (1 Beans and 1 Tofu) – $13.50

Excuse the crappy quality of these photos, it’s hard to take good photos with the florescent orange lighting 😦 Anyway, back to what’s important, the food! My friend went for the taco meal, and she loved it! It was sooooo messy to eat though, literally the second she picked the taco up, everything just fell out haha. But the filling was delicious, and the salad was amped up with the ample amount of avocado and a squeeze of lime juice, everything was just really light and fresh!

Tofu Asada Burrito – $12.00

Omg I can’t even look at this photo, it’s just so ugly… But the char-grilled tofu was the bomb dot com! Is that not cool to say anymore? Back in 2010? Oh well. The filling was pretty much the same as the tofu taco, but because it was all wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla, it was a lot easier to eat! The smokiness of the tofu really came through, and definitely paired well with the fresh salad.

Trippy Fries – $6.50

Apparently you can’t visit Trippy Taco without ordering a basket of their fries, and who am I to say no to that? The thin French fries was really crispy, and the seasoning on top kind of reminded me of the seasoning they use for the Mexicrinkles at Salsa’s, but a more subdued version.

Service is pretty minimal here, you have to find your own table, and order at the counter. Trippy Taco is popular amongst a variety of people, which is always nice to see. If you’re craving a Mexican meal, but is watching out for your calories, then Trippy Taco’s lighter take on some of the Mexican classics is right up your alley!

How to get here:
Trippy Taco is located on Gertrude Street, catch tram 86 and get off at stop #15, Smith St/Gertrude St, and it’s one minute walk away from the tram stop.

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