Bert’s Cafe

Singaporean food is something that is not easily found in Melbourne, and it’s a cuisine that I didn’t know much about either, until I visited the country myself earlier this year. Though it was only a short trip, I managed to hit up a few restaurants, and hawker centres of course, where the real fun is. I had some of the most interesting and delicious food in Singapore, and have been craving it ever since. After some research, I came across Bert’s Cafe,  a small family restaurant with a short, but promising menu.

Chwee Kueh (4 pcs) – $4.00

This is something that I didn’t see in Singapore, but my mum really wanted it haha. Chwee Kueh translates to steamed rice cake, and there was some fried preserved radish. The rice cake was soft and light, and the radish gave it some saltiness, as well as texture.

Fried Carrot Cake (White) – $6.50

This is probably one of the most iconic food to be found in hawker centres. When it was served I was a bit confused, where’s the carrot cake at?! All I see is a thick as omelette.

It didn’t take long for me to find the carrot cakes hiding beneath the egg though! The carrot cakes has a nice crispy exterior from being lightly pan fried, and the sauce on top was spicy and sweet, I wish there was more! I would come to Bert’s Cafe again and again just for the white carrot cake, it tasted very authentic.

Bak Chor Mee Pok – $9.00

Another dish that I have not tried before, I’m so adventurous I know LOL. Mee Pok is a dry noodle dish, it uses yellow thick-ish noodles, and is topped with fish balls, meat balls, pork mince and liver. The sauce that the noodle was tossed through was spicy, and I think there was some lard there too? Btw apparently Mee Pok is a dish that’s offered by very few restaurants in Melbourne ._.

Seafood Hor Fun – $9.00

I love me some good hor fun, and this was pretty alright. The flat rice noodles had some nice wok hei, and there was plenty of topping – fish cake, chicken, prawns, choy sum – and a creamy and aromatic egg sauce.

Bert’s Cafe may seem unassuming from the outside, in fact, you’ll never know it serves Singaporean food until you step inside, but it’s definitely a restaurant that I’ll return too, I’m so happy that I have found some good Singaporean food yay! Now time to hunt down a kopitiam for some kaya toast and half boiled eggs weeeeeeee.

How to get here:

Bert’s Cafe is located on Boronia Road, 5 minutes walk from Boronia Station.

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