Mr Burger

Burger seems to be a thing that I don’t eat that often, even though I really like it, does that make senses? LOL. Anyway, I remember back in the days Mr Burger only had food trucks, and it could be hard trying to track it down, so I’m glad that now there’s a few permanent locations.

Ginger Ale – $5.00

Because it was a warm day (yepp I went a while back), I decided to grab a bottle of ginger ale. These types of glass bottles are very nostalgic for me, I think back in the days, before canned soft drinks became a thing, they were all served in these! Not the most economic solution, but still, I like it. The ginger ale itself was nice and refreshing, with a subtle ginger kick.

Mr Hot – $12.00

I tried the namesake burger last time, and it was okay, but my friend said that Mr Hot is her favourite, so I decided to give it a go. The pattie was very juicy, and cooked well. The onion rings, on the hand, were a bit dry because of the crumb. The jalapeños were the highlight, as it gave the burger a kick of flavour, as well as texture. The bun itself had great integrity, and didn’t fall apart, which is always nice.

Trucker Chips – $8.00

Mmmmmm these fries doe. So good. I can’t even. Perfect battered chips deep fried, with crispy bacon bits, cheese, and mountain of sauce. Oh yeh. This is what I live for. But seriously, these were so sinfully good, but you know when you eat something unhealthy and doesn’t even taste good, then you’re just sitting there thinking why did I waste my calories on that? Well, this wasn’t the case here. The sauce did get a tad salty towards the end though.

We went close to finishing time, so the restaurant was pretty empty, and service was quick, although it was superrrr cold inside the warehouse. I love how they had a food truck-esque kitchen set-up, paying homage to Mr Burger’s roots, always nice.

How to get there:
Mr Burger is located on Therry Street, which is in Queen Victoria Market. Follow the burger sign and you’ll be there!

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