Korean food is seriously perfect in Winter, with the satisfying full flavours of their stews and other goodies. On a cold night after studying, my friends and I wanted to visit Joomak, but was told that the wait will be over an hour, so we went to Tarng instead!

Banchan – Complimentary

The sweet beancurd and the bean shoot were both quite tasty, but the kimchy lacked the kick of hot pepper flakes.

Corn Cheese – $8.90

Sweet corn kernels are mixed with mayo, and then topped with cheese before being baked. The result is something that is extremely creamy and addictive.

Seriously, the sweetness of the corn and mayo is paired perfectly with the sharpness of the cheese, and every mouthful was delicious. I wish it was slightly more well done though, so that the cheese is a little crispier around the edges.

Kimchi Pancake

The kimchi pancake came just as expected. There were plenty of kimchi to be found in the thin pancake, and it was surprisingly filling too, considering how little batter there is!

Beef Bulgogi

I love it when beef bulgogi’s served with lots of potato noodles, as was the case here! The bulgogi was sweet and tasty, nothing ground breaking, but it still hit the spot.

Cheese Chicken

Unlike cheese chickens I’ve had at other Korean restaurants, there was quite a lot of sauce in Tarng’s version of the dish, which is why it was served in a black stone pot. However, this meant that the cheese was only floating on top. The dish was okay, with tender pieces of chicken to be found in all that sauce, but I think I prefer the drier version still.

Because of Tarng’s proximity to both RMIT and Melbourne Uni, it is no surprise that a lot of students come here for lunch and dinner. Especially with their cheap lunch deals of around $10, perfect for anyone of a tight student budget, in fact, I’m pretty sure I had lunch here with a friend on the second day of uni back in first year haha.

How to get there:
Tarng is located on A’Beckett Street, which is 5 minutes walk from RMIT, and 10 minutes walk from Melbourne Central.

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