The Food Republic

One of the best thing about moving is that you get all these new places to try out, and the proximity of The Food Republic to Blackburn station made it high on my list. When I first walked in, I was quite impressed by the interiors and the general vibe, didn’t think I’ll find a place like this in the suburbs haha.

Skinny Flat White

My coffee came in a lovely dark grey mug, and the latte art already looked promising, although quite dark. This was indeed a quite robust cup of flat white, with hints of a slightly more chocolate-y note.

Poached Chicken Burger

I opted for the Poached Chicken Burger, and it was standard yet satisfying. Between the sweet brioche bun studded with sesame seeds, there was lettuce, bacon, pineapple, cheese, poached chicken of course, and citrus mayo. I couldn’t really tell if the mayo was citrus-y or not, but the pineapple definitely provided some acidity, in fact, that was what lured me to order the burger. The chicken was poached well too, not try at all. The accompanying thick cut beer battered chips was very potato-y, just the way I like them haha. On a side note, my friend and I was very intrigued by their $11 dollar bowl of chips, I mean, how gourmet does it have to be ._,

Pulled Lamb Roll

My friend ordered the Pulled Lamb Roll, and it was pretty much half a baguette on the plate. She did enjoy the fresh flavours though, but it was nothing too adventurous. The high quality of the ingredients could be tasted, and the modest elements matched nicely together.

I forgot to take down the prices on their menu, but each item was a couple dollars more than what’s listed on Zomato from memory, which definitely puts it in the pricier side of things when it comes to brunch. The restaurant had the heater blasting, which made it a much needed escape from the cold. I can definitely see why it’s always buzzing with locals, I mean, not everyone can be bothered to go all the way to the CBD for good brunch. Although most of the items on the menu was quite safe, they did deliver some quality food, which is why I probably will be returning when I want to stay closer to home.

How to get there:
The Food Republic is located on Blackburn Road, five minutes walk from Blackburn station.

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