Food Republik

Kitchen Republik (I swear to God it used to be called Food Republik) is kind of like a hawker centre, well you could order food from a variety of stalls, from breakfast, noodles to bento boxes, stir fries and desserts, and the food will be brought to your table.

Tempura Tofu – $5.50

There was actually eight pieces of tofu, but my friend ate one before I got a chance to take a photo – she was starving. The rectangular tofu pieces are lightly coated in the tempura batter before being deep fried, the tofu still remains silky inside, and we love this dish so much that we pretty much order it every time we visit! The tofu are pretty flavourless though, which is why the thick sweet soy with garlic on the side is an absolute must, we never have enough 😦

Fried Chicken Drum Noodle Soup – $9.90

I was really confused when the noodle was first served, since the plate of fried chicken drumettes seemed to have some bones? After questioning the waitress (who barely spoke any English) she kept on saying “this is how it’s served”, which confused me even more. Another waiter came by and said that the meat is under the bone, so it turns out that the drumettes have been prepared by taking most of the meat off the bone, so that it could be eaten easier I’m assuming?

I couldn’t really enjoy my bowl of noodle after all that, and the fact that the noodle was overcooked, and the soup tasted full of MSG didn’t really help. The chicken was probably the best part of the noodle, as it was fried nicely, and when dipped in the sweet chilli sauce, it was a nice little snack to munch on.

Taiwanese Beef Brisket Noodle Soup – $9.90

My friend ordered the beef brisket soup, and the soup and noodle pretty much tasted the same as mine, but with added soy for colour. The beef brisket was quite tender and full of flavour, after being cooked in spices for a long period of time.

My experience at Food Republik was tainted by the poor service, which is apparently often the case here. I guess if you’re after a quick meal and not too fussed about the service then give this place a go, but don’t have high expectations. Having said that, I have been to Kitchen Republik way too many times, all for that tofu 😦

How to get there:
Food Republik is located towards the end of the food court in Box Hill Shopping Centre.

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