Dessert Story

Dessert Story serves up a range of Taiwanese desserts, and has opened up several stores in Melbourne over the years. My friend and I popped into the one on Swanston Street for some quick dessert after it started pouring one night.

Coconut Colada with Aloe Vera and Diced Mango – $5.90

I was really thirsty and decided to get a drink, this was actually the first time I’ve tried a drink from Dessert Story. The coconut colada had a distinctive coconut taste, and the aloe vera and diced mango both added some textual interest to the drink. I do wish that the colada itself was a bit thinner in consistency though, so that it would be easier to drink through the straw.

Salty Crispy Popcorn Chicken (Spicy) – $6.80

Nothing spectacular about these popcorn chicken, but they were still quite nice to eat regardless. It wasn’t really spicy though, more chilli powder please!

Red Bean Milk Crushed Ice – $8.90

Red bean syrup and condensed milk were poured over a tall pile of crushed ice, and there was plenty of red beans at the bottom too. The ice can get hard sometimes, which is why I’ve always preferred the snow ice over regular crushed ice. The sweetness of the condensed milk and red bean was not overwhelming, and it was a nice combination of flavours.

Dessert Story is a place that serves up a selection of decent renditions of Taiwanese desserts, I always know exactly what to expect when I come in, and that reassurance is probably one of the main reasons that I return to Dessert Story regularly.

How to get here:
Dessert Story is located on Swanston Street, 5 minutes walk from Melbourne Central.

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