Yo My Goodness

I think everyone in the east side has been praying for some good burgers, I mean, you can only travel all the way to the city, or the other side of town so many times. And that prayer was finally answered when Yo My Goodness opened up in May this year,  adding to the ever changing food scene on Kingsway.

What originated as another self serve frozen yoghurt bar has ventured out to become a host of burgers, fries and shakes just under two months ago, and seriously, I am so glad that they did!

Two Bit Lemon Tart – $7.50

There was a plethora of shake choices, and I went for a tart one because a chocolate based one would be over indulgent – yes, I was still being health conscious although we were at a burger joint LOL. The tartness of the lemon syrup definitely did compliment my meal, but it did become a bit cloying towards the end.

Winner Winner – $13.00

My friend and I both happened to be craving chicken burgers on the day, she went for the classic chicken schnitzel while I went for the Southern fried chicken.  She loved hers because the chicken wasn’t dry, and there was plenty of sauce, she likes her burgers saucy 😉

The Bergerk – $12.00

My burger was probably on the mellow side of things, I forgot to ask for it without tomato, but that’s okay I just took it out yay, problem solved. The chicken had a nice herb batter and the chipotle mayo was quite punchy in flavour. The sesame studded brioche bun held its shape well, and the cardboard casing that the burgers came in made it really easy to eat! The name of this burger though, it was so hard for me to order without laughing LOL.

Fetta Fetish Fries – $7.00

One of my friend who visited YOMG before said that these fries were better than Jimmy Grants, so the bar was set pretty darn high. Did these fries deliver? I actually do have to agree my friend, there was plenty of feta, and the dukkah mix was tentalising too. The spring onions on top brought a hint of freshness to the fries. My friend didn’t enjoy these as much as I did though, because she found the feta too salty.

Who knew a frozen yoghurt bar could serve up some great burgers, shakes and (most importantly) fries too? Friendly service, bustling atmosphere, it pretty much ticks all the boxes for me. The only downside is that seating is quite limited, and there may be a wait if you go during peak times, that just means they gotta keep on expanding right?

How to get there:
Yo My Goodness is located on Kingsway, 5 minutes walk from Glen Waverley Train Station.

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