The Broadsheet Restaurant

Any restaurant that gets a shout out from Broadsheet can pretty much expect a line of people outside the door on the next day. So when Broadsheet announced the two-month pop-up restaurant on their website, to say that Melbourne was excited is an understatement.

I made several attempts to visit the restaurant sooner, but all those plans fell through. But I was determine to hit up the much talked about restaurant at least once before it closes this Sunday.

With names such as Top Paddock, Coda, Grain Store, Estelle Huxtable, and the promise to deliver the best of Melbourne, great things were expected. I decided to go for brunch over dinner, since, well, it’s brunch.

Skinny Cappuccino – $4.00 

Service was a bit off when we visited, no one asked to take our drink order, and even when we ordered our food, the typical follow-up question of “what drink would you like?” was not asked. My friend did manage to get one of the waiter’s attention and put through her order, but before I could say anything, he was off again, so I never even got a chance to order my coffee.

My friend thought the coffee was average at best, and the spotty sprinkles of chocolate powder was kinda weird.

Toasted Reuben Sandwich on Dark Rye Bread with Corned Brisket, Sauerkraut, Swiss and Russian Dressing – $17.00

I ordered something from Five Points Deli, since it was one of the few restaurants I haven’t tried yet. When the Reuben was placed in front of me, I thought it wouldn’t be very substantial, but boy, was I wrong. Between the two slices of dark rye bread, there laid fatty (in a good way, at the start anyway) corned beef brisket, sauerkraut, and Swiss and Russian Dressing. Because the sandwich was toasted in a sandwich press of some sort I think, the bread itself was actually quite oily too. I really enjoyed the first half, the corned brisket was sinful but delicious, and the crunchiness of the sauerkraut counteracted some of the indulgence of the beef. However, I struggled to finish the sandwich because it became way too heavy, more sauerkraut and pickles would’ve helped.

My friend and I tried to figure out whether the chips were made in the house of store bought, and it remained a mystery.

Cape Grim Beef Burger with House-Made Mustard, Seasonal Fruit Relish and Leaves on the Kettle Black Bun – $21.00

My friend went for something that’s similar to what she’s tried before at the Kettle Black. Instead of wagyu steak, Cape Grim beef was used. The beef was cooked to perfection, and there was plenty of it! Being a Kettle Black dish, of course edible flowers were a must, and although they did nothing to elevate the flavours of the dish, they were pretty, and that’s all they were there for I guess haha.

Besides the lukewarm service and the coffee, there were things that I liked about Broadsheet Restaurant. The space definitely screamed Melbourne, with the large use of wood and metal, branches hanging off the roof, and plenty of pot plants around the restaurant.

If it was a permanent fixture with a rotating menu, maybe it would’ve had more time to tweak the restaurant into perfection. However, given the current state of the restaurant, I don’t think you would’ve missed on all that much if you don’t manage to squeeze in a visit.

If you are keen to head down to Fitzroy just to experience the restaurant for yourself though, be quick! You only have until Sunday until it’s all over.

How to get there:
The Broadsheet Restaurant is located on Gertrude Street, catch tram #86 and get off at stop #14, Napier Street/Gertrude Street, the restaurant is 70 metres away.

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