Farmers Arm Hotel

Farmers Arm Hotel was mentioned by quite a few people as a must-visit when we’re at Daylesford, so that’s where we went for dinner on the second night, and it certainly did not dissappoint.

Sweet Potato Chips w/ Chili Remoulade – $7.00

Farmers Arm Hotel features a menu that changes daily, and on the night we visited, the sweet potato chips grabbed our attention. The sweet potato were cut into thick pieces that had cavasses in each piece, ensuring maximum surface area, and resulting in crunchiness in each piece. The accompanying chili remoulade was delicious too, it wasn’t spicy, but more of a sweet chilli taste. And it kind of offset the sweetness from the sweet potato itself. The serving was very generous, and when we asked for some more chili remoulade, the waitress gave us a whole plate without hesitation!

Linguine w/ Prawns, Chili, Lemon & Rocket – $30.00

I went for a simple pasta dish, and although there were only a few ingredients, they all worked in harmony. The linguine was cooked to al dente, and although there was only a small amount of sauce, it was very crustacean-y and had a distinct rocket flavour. The prawns were cooked perfectly too, and overall, it was an uncomplicated and beautiful dish.

Pancetta Wrapped Prawns w/ Mint, Apple & Coriander – $20.00

My mum happened to go for a prawn dish too. Her choice was definitely lighter than mine, and the four succulent prawns were again, cooked perfectly, the pancetta added some saltiness and texture to the prawns. I didn’t try the salad because it had coriander, but my mum said it was light and refreshing.

Soft Centred Chocolate Pudding w/ Vanilla Ice Cream – $16.00

I can never say no to gooey chocolatey things, and a chocolate souffle is pretty much the epitome of that.

The soft chocolate centre was definitely delivered, however, I did find the dessert to be a bit too sweet for my liking, wish there was more vanilla ice cream!

My mum and I thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at Farmers Arm Hotel, the food was great, and the service was even better! You do have to order at the bar, and you’re given the choice of either paying straight away, or starting a tab which you can add to throughout the night, and pay at the end of your meal. My mum’s already planning to take my grandma here when she comes to Melbourne again for the sweet potato chips alone!

How to get there:
Farmers Arms Hotel is located on East Street, which is towards the boarder of the main city area of Daylesford.

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