TRAVEL DIARY | Daylesford

If you read my blog regularly, you may already know that in the holidays, my mum and I had a three days trip to Daylesford. Daylesford is a town around 115 kilometers away from Melbourne, and it’s known for its spas – although we didn’t visit one because, well, we just didn’t feel like it tbh haha. We just wanted to wind down a bit, and just chill basically!
We headed off to Daylesford after brunching at Tom Dick & Harry, it was quite a gloomy day, but the drive wasn’t too bad because we had full bellies yay! The drive was just under two hours, and we arrived at our home for the next three days, Musk House!

The Musk House was even more impressive in person! We didn’t know this beforehand, but turns out Daylesford has quite a lot of markets and antique shops, and this was apparent from the setout in the Musk House. A lot of the furniture had a vintage feel to them, and there was so many little knickknacks that made the place feel very unique yet welcoming.

We were both quite tired from the drive, and since it was raining outside, we decided to just have a movie night – well, I watched movies while my mum slept through everything LOL.

Onto the second day, the weather still wasn’t ideal but at least it was dry! But cold, sooooo cold. We drove to Lake Daylesford for a walk in the morning after having some home cooked breakfast from the produce that was provided by Martin, Musk House’s owner. The lake itself was lovely, I think as I’ve grown older, I have definitely learnt to appreciate nature a lot more. I mean, I’m still not all about hiking and camping and all that, but one step at a time! It was so serene, and we enjoyed walking around in the fresh air too.

Oh, and there were ducks!

On the side of the road no less, I felt bad for not bringing some bread to feed them 😦

After that, we visited the Convent Gallery. The gallery had quite a few Australian exhibitions going on, and I loved this statue of a cat! Even though I’m allergic to them, they’re still cute to look at!

We spent the afternoon in The Amazing Mill Market hehe. The market was huuuuuuuuge, and we spent around two hours there, but still didn’t manage to look through everything! The thing is though, it was absolutely freezing inside! We did buy a couple vintage things though, so that’s good yay! For dinner, we went to the Farmer’s Arms Hotel, and it was sooooooo good!

Before I knew it, it was already our last day! Mum cooked up some breakfast with the leftover ingredients, and we went for a stroll on the main road in town.

My friend told me that Pastry King had the best pie, so of course I made a note to visit!

The display certainly looked promising!

The pie was decent, the filling was quite tasty, the pastry was a bit too short for my liking though.

We also bought a bunch of sweets, but my mum ate most of it so yeh, no review on that 😦

We saw heaps of cute little stands selling things on the side of the road, and my mum couldn’t pass on these potatoes!

She also wanted some eggs, but they were sold out already unfortunately 😦

We did drive past Istra Smallgoods on the way too, and bought a bunch of goodies! I especially loved the kabana, possibly the best I’ve had!

Our trip to Daylesford was short, but much needed! Although we didn’t do anything all that exciting, it reminded me how nice it was to just relax. Especially considering the fact that now when I finally got around to blog about Daylesford, I’m one month into my final semester already!

If you ever feel stressed, don’t be afraid to just take a few days off. Go on a road trip, read a book, watch some movies, catch up with friends, whatever it is that you find relaxing and rejuvenating, because you’re not you when you’re stressed (may or may not have quoted Snickers there hehe)!

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