Five Plus Smoothie

It looks like the #cleaneating trend is here to stay, with more and more green smoothie and salad bars popping up left, right and centre. One of my friend has been obsessed with Five Plus for a while now, and she took me there on their one year anniversary!

It pretty much looked like other smoothie bars, with a clean and minimal design, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables on display.

The Perfect Date – $9.00

With almond, cinnamon, banana, oats, dates, almond milk and ice, this smoothie tasted more almond-y than date-y to me, but hey, there isn’t a good pun with almond in it so what can you do. Regardless, it was creamy and sweet, and tasted pretty good for a healthy smoothie.

Strawberry Shortcake – $9.00

Of course I went for the pink strawberry smoothie, because okay, I’m gonna tell you a secret – I’m not that into actual green smoothies. Horror. No one scream in my ears about the 123739842173 benefits of vegetables please. Anyway, although it looked super pink, it didn’t taste overly fruit-y, but it was sweet enough for me to appreciate it. Oh, and it pretty much had the same ingredients as the Perfect Date, just swap out the almond and cinnamon with cashew and strawberries.

Peanut Butter Protein Ball

We also got a little tube – okay I lied it’s pretty big, a big tube of protein balls. Because health. And because I totally need some protein after my workout you know. Jokes. The balls tasted good (sorry my sense of humour is still high school level). They were rich and creamy and peanut buttery, I’m sure it’ll fill you right up after leg day.

We also got a little goodie bag because it was their anniversary. I love food puns, and this place was filled with them. I’m still confused by the fact that people just eat goji berries as is, since idk, I’ve always had them in soups growing up, but hey, who am I to defy #health.

The place may look tiny, but there’s quite a few seats inside if you decide to chill for a bit, or people-watch, ’cause that’s fun too. 
Oh and don’t get purple patch, it was super watery, sorry I didn’t manage to get a photo, it does look pretty but it’s not worth it just for an instagram-worthy photo, trust me.
How to get there:
Five Plus Smoothie is on Little Lonsdale Street, literally 100 metres away from Melbourne Central.

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