Yunnan cuisine is quite hard to come by in Melbourne, so when we spotted Ricy-Boat one night at Glen Waverley, even though we planned dinner else where, we decided to pop by to try it out.
Sichuan Fish and Pickled Mustard Rice Noodle – $9.80
I’m so glad we decided to just try one bowl of rice noodles between the two of us. It’s hard for me to find any positives about this dish at all. The soup lacked any body, full of MSG, and way too salty. The fish was overcooked – stingy amount was given too. And the rice noodle was okay I guess, not perfectly bouncy but okay to eat.
I can totally see why Ricy-Boat remained quite empty throughout the night on the busy strip, I mean, it’s one thing for a restaurant to be authentic, and a whole other thing to be enjoyable, and unfortunately, Ricy-Boat was netiher of these things.
How to get there:
Ricy-Boat is located on Coleman Parade, a short five to ten minutes walk from Glen Waverley station.

Ricy-boat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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