NOTD | Ciaté Sugar Plum and PolishMeSilly Lite Brite

One coat of Lite Brite over Sugar Plum, with Matte about You over the top

Since Spring is officially here, with the temperatures reaching 30s already (what is this), I decided it’s time to whip out the pastels!

Sugar Plum by Ciaté is a pastel purple, but it’s not super stark like Essie Lilacism or something like that. It’s leaning towards pink, but still does definitely look purple on the nails – can I get anymore convoluted? Anyway, formula wise this was good, two coats was all I needed.

You know that awkward stage when your topcoat is all gooey and gross, but your new bottle hasn’t arrived yet? Well I was going through that, and so I had to matte everything, and I can’t just matte a pastel, what’s the fun in that? So naturally, I chucked some multi-coloured glitter on top. Lite Brite by PolishMeSilly had a good mix of blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, orange glitter in mainly two sizes, and the bigger glitters did take a bit of fishing. There was also some good amount of silver micro glitters in the mix. Unfortunately I think this polish is not stocked anymore, but there are plenty of rainbow glitters out there nowadays, I’m sure you’ll find something!

After adding the matte topcoat – I used Essie Matte about You, I was done for the day, and this actually lasted a good seven days surprisingly! I always thought matte top coats won’t last as long, but guess I was wrong.

Where to buy:
Ciaté can be found in Mecca, and Lite Brite has been discontinued unfortunately, but PolishMeSilly polishes can be purchased from their Etsy shop.

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