Thanh Dat

Back when I was younger, we used to go to Springvale a lot more than now. Apart from the yelling, vegetables on the ground, wet floors in the seafood shops, $5 haircuts, the food is what I remember the most.

Vietnamese Style Broken Rice – $10.00
Thanh Dat is one of the larger restaurant in Springvale, and it has more Western customers than some of the other restaurants, probably because it seems quite a bit cleaner.
I opted for the Special Broken Rice, something I haven’t had in awhile. There’s the usual fried egg, pork chop, thinly shredded pork mixed with cooked and thinly shredded pork skin, and some sliced tomatoes so that it seems like you’ve been eating your vegetables. The pork chop has been marinated in a blend of lemongrass and five spice, and although a little bit on the tough side, it was very flavoursome. The shredded pork skin was a bit bland, but I love mixing it up with the chilli sauce and rice, turning it into an instant winner!

Chicken Special – $9.00

Of course my mum for the Chicken Speicial, aka chuck in all the chicken offal we can find and call it a day. There was chicken liver, chicken eggs, chicken heart, chicken blood, and probably more that I can’t remember. The soup was light but still full of umami, with a hint of MSG. Mix in some of that Vietnamese mint and bean shoot, and this pretty much ticks off all the food groups in the pyramid.

Prawns & Pork Rice Paper Roll – $7.50

These came last weirdly, considering it’s meant to be an entree true? Regardless, the rice paper rolls were filled with prawns, pork, vermicelli, lettuce and more Vietnamese mint – which I’m actually not a fan of, so I had to pull them out but that’s okay. Nothing mind-blowing good, but they were pleasant to eat after being dipped into some nuoc cham.

Is Thanh Dat the best Vietnamese restaurant in Springvale? Probably not. But I think the reason we keep on returning is because of the somewhat present service, and the large menu that has items other than pho – not like we ever order them, but gotta keep our options open you know? Btw this is my 100th post how crazy?! And yup this is gonna be one of those posts with an awkward ending, bye.

How to get there:
Catch the bus 902 and get off at Springvale station, or hop on a train on the Cranbourne line and get off at Springvale station, either way, the restaurant is less than ten minutes walk away.

Thanh Dat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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