three months of freedom what

OMG GUYS, IT HAPPENED. I’VE FINISHED MY LAST ESSAY FOR MY UNDERGRAD YAYAYAY. Tbh I can’t really feel it yet, just because… idk it’s kind of surreal haha.

So technically I’ve got a degree under my belt. How crazy is that?! I always thought that you know, by the time you finish uni you’ll be all wise and mature and know what’s up with life and just owning it. But since then I’ve learnt that that’s probably not the case. In fact, that’s probably one of the hardest things in life, knowing what’s going on, or what’s happening next.

I feel like it’s time to get all reflective again haha, so bear with me. I think everyone had an idea of what uni would be like, and for me, I thought that I’d be able to just find a group of friends instantly and we’d hit up every party, and be having the greatest time of our lives. It wasn’t long after I started uni that I realised it’s not that easy, especially with me doing Arts – one hour tutes every week, and half the time it’s just everyone avoiding eye contact because no one knows what the tutor is talking about since no one does the readings, oh except the socialist alternatives, which I still don’t get up until this day – everyone’s just kinda chillin’ and doing their own thing. With time, I became okay with it, and then a while after that, I started loving it. I mean, uni’s a whole ‘nother thing, where you literally don’t have to give a fuck. About other people, not your study, studying is important, do your readings. But seriously, you can be whoever you want, and no one would judge you. Eating lunch by yourself? That’s cool. Rocking up in uni in PJs? I’ve done that. Wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase to classes? Go for it.

It’s not that I haven’t made friends in uni, I have (all I can picture is a little girl whining I HAVE FRIENDS I PROMISE) met some like-minded people that I catch up with from time to time, and that’s great too. Most importantly though, I think I’ve really learnt a lot about myself in the last three years, I don’t know if it’s necessarily uni that helped me in that process, or if it’s just ’cause I’m at that stage in my life. Either way, I’m grateful that it happened.

what a stack mmmmmm

Okay I think that’s enough deep thoughts for now, after I finished my essay today I did some baking and then painted my nails and AM LOVING LIFE. This is probably the first three months holidays I’ve got where I’m not going away for at least a month of it, and it feels kind of strange, but in a good way. I’m gonna get so much shit done, things that I wanted to get done back in 2012 LOL.

So next week I’m finally going to learn how to drive yay! I know I know, it’s been a long time coming, but omg can you imagine the places I can finally go to once I can drive? North side I’m looking at you. And I also planning on posting A LOT over the next few months, I literally have restaurants from two months ago that I still haven’t reviewed, time to get a move on haha.

Hmm I think that’s all for now, if you managed to get through all that then God, I love you to death.

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