Urban Zinc

Once you step inside Urban Zinc, it’s not hard to see where the name comes from. With rustic wooden furnitures, and exposed brick walls (yes I still love them), it was definitely going for that urban/industrial/shabby chic/every other synonym you can find on Pinterest vibe.

Top: Long Black
Bottom: Skinny Flat White

The coffees were a little too milky and definitely on the weaker side of things, and that’s saying alot considering that I like milky flat whites LOL.

Veggie Muddle – $15.50

The veggie muddle is my kind of vegetarian dish, although it was all vegetarian, none of the elements were bland, and they all worked well together.

There was pumpkin, mushroom, haloumi, rocket all on top of some toasted sourdough. There was some herbs and spices added into the pumpkin and mushrooms, which added some flavour. And grilled haloumi is always nice.

Actually looking at the menu again, I think the spice is actually meant to be dukkah, but it was definitely some strange dukkah…

Spanish Baked Eggs – $16.50

The yolks in the baked eggs was overcooked unfortunately, but the chorizo was very meaty and elevated the dish. I wish there was more tomato sauce and baked bean for the bread to scoop up though!

I found the cups size way funnier than it actually is, oh and there’s also a cabinet filled with pies and sandwiches, that you can grab for on the go meals!

Hehe, no free wifi so talk to your mate, good stuff. Although Urban Zinc was nothing exceptional, it would be a decent place to visit if you happen to be in the area.

How to get there:
Urban Zinc is located on South Parade, right opposite Blackburn station.

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