NOTD | An Amorous Disposition by Arcane Lacquer

The long awaited Spring is finally here, although the weather has been crazy lately, with the whole tornado scare just a few days ago, definitely Melbourne weather at its finest.

Anyway, since it’s the beginning of Spring, I picked a colour that’s pretty weather appropriate for once, and it’s an Australian indie! I love supporting indie creators, but sometimes it’s just hard to be willing to fork out all that money on international shipping you know? So when’s it’s a local artist, it’s pretty much a win-win. Anyway, the polish is by Arcane Lacquer, and it’s called An Amorous Disposition, the name reminds me of Sweet Disposition haha.

It’s a beautiful magenta jelly filled with black and silver micro glitters, does it remind anyone else of dragon fruit? I was going through a stage where I had to slap a matte topcoat on everything because my Poshe one got all goopy and I haven’t gotten around to ordering a new bottle yet. But I do love putting a matte topcoat over a glitter polish, it transforms the whole thing!

I love how this is sort of understated but attention grabbing at the same time!

Where to buy:
Arcane Lacquer can be purchased on its website, where international stocklist is listed too.

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