Hakata Gensuke

Back when Hakata Gensuke first opened its third store in Doncaster Shoppingtown over a month ago, everyone went crazy and the line was massive, considering that its food court location. I checked it out and because everything was half price on its opening weekend, of course we went ahead and ordered pretty much everything on the menu.

Chicken Karrage – $5.00

The karrage were quite crunchy, but it was a bit too round for my liking. Because of its shape, there just wasn’t enough surface area for every bite to be crispy.

My mum loved the complimentary pickle they had on offer though, they were spicy and had a great texture, and she said they made the chicken better haha.

Gyoza (5 pcs) – $5.00

We shared the gyozas, and they were quite morish. The skin was crispy at the bottom and slightly chewy on top, and it was extremely thin. The filling of pork and spring onions was very flavoursome, which meant we had to fight for the last one.

Signature Tonkatsu (Deluxe) – $19.00

The signature tonkatsu was sticky and full of umami, albeit on the lukewarm side, and the ramen itself was cooked perfectly bouncy. The egg had a lovely liquid-y yolk, the only thing is I wish the cha-shu were fattier! This comforting giant bowl of ramen is just the thing I need on a Saturday night, and then I’ll happily be in a food coma for hours LOL.

God Fire (Deluxe) – $20.00

We also got the God Fire to spice things up, and although we only got level 2  (there’s a total of 4 levels), it was pretty darn hot! The spiciness did kind of overpower the flavour of the soup towards the end, but overall it was still quite enjoyable.

I think Hakata Gensuke serves up one of the better ramens in Melbourne, but when it comes to the spicy one, I still prefer the one at Fukyuru Ramen. The steep price might also deter some people away, especially considering its food court location. However, I’m still keen to try out Hakata Gensuke at their proper restaurant venues, since you get to choose a bunch things and toppings, and who doesn’t love a little bit of DIY.

How to get there:
Hakata Gensuke is located at The Drum food court in Doncaster Shoppingtown.

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