Don Don

There’s something extremely comforting in visiting an old favourite, you just know it’s gonna be great. Although there is the chance of tainting a memory forever, but hey, that’s a chance I’m willing to take, for Don Don, that is. Back in the days when they were still at their tiny location on Swanston Street, I was already a regular, since, hello, $8.50 bento that fills you right up, need I say more?
Chicken Curry Don – $6.90

This time, however, I opted for the Chicken Curry Don. For less than seven dollars, you really can’t beat it. The grilled chicken had a distinctive smoky flavour, and they’re not stingy with the portion either!

But what I love the most about the curry don is of course, the curry sauce! As you can see, the rice and chicken is pretty much drowning in curry sauce, and that’s definitely a good thing in my book. The curry sauce has great flavour, and I love mixing it all up and enjoying every bite! Oh, and see, there’s a broccoli, which makes this a nice and balanced meal, am I right or am I right?

I’m glad that Don Don remains how I remember it, but even better, since there are so many more seats available than before, and the tables aren’t even sticky! Definitely a place I’ll always return to.

How to get there:
Don Don is located on Little Lonsdale Street, right outside of the Mecca part of Melbourne Central.

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