Sweetie & Mustache Dessert Lounge

Remember when I went to Dessert Box and they didn’t have a green tea chocolate fondue and I sooked for days? Well, the girl there told us that Sweet and Mustache has it on their menu, so of course, we paid it a visit.

Chocolate Fondue – $32.00 + Matcha – $3.50

When the matcha chocolate fondue was brought out, to say we were both utterly disappointed would be an understatement. As you can see from the photo, there are clumps of matcha powder in the milk chocolate – which is weird to start off with, since idk, I always assumed it would be white chocolate, so that the green from the matcha would actually show. Regardless, we gave it a go since, well, we did pay a hefty price for it. But as expected, the matcha flavour was pretty much nonexistent, on top of the powdery texture of the chocolate.

Moustache’s Mix – $30.00

We also got the Moustache’s Mix to share, which had mozzarella sticks, salt and pepper squid, chicken kiev balls, fish fingers and fries.

There were supposed to be waffle fries, but apparently they can’t find a company that makes those anymore, and they failed to change it on the menu, or mention it to us when we were ordering.

The mozzarella sticks and the chicken kiev balls were my favourite, they were both fried perfectly, and I can never say no to ooey gooey cheese.

Our experience at Sweetie & Mustache was pretty bad overall, just ’cause we were so excited to finally be able to get our hand on some green tea chocolate fondue. The food were average at best, and were all priced pretty steep, I don’t see myself coming back for a while.

How to get there:
Sweetie & Mustache is located on Russell Street, less than ten minutes walk away from Melbourne Central.

Sweetie & Moustache Dessert Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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