I went to Bali for a short six days trip with my best friend for our 21st back in October, I know I know, this is another long overdue post. I have quite mixed opinions about Bali, but let’s just start with a rundown of what we got up to.

This is the view from our villa, we stayed at a villaΒ on the border of Kuta and Seminyak, which meant we had easy access to a bunch of restaurants and cafes, the food will be in a latter post btw! I’ll link it here once it’s out πŸ™‚

We wanted to take it easy on the second (technically first) day, so Potato Head was the place to be! Potato Head is one of the many beach clubs in Bali, and if you get there early enough, you’ll be able to score yourself a private lounge by the swimming pool. We got there at around 10.30, and got one of the last few remaining ones, you do have to spend a minimum of 50,000 rupiah though, which is pretty easy to reach, since you just have to get a couple of drinks each, or some food to share.

The sunset was breathtaking, and I really enjoyed just laying on the lounge and tanning, while listening to the music. Potato Head had a really chill vibe overall, and yeh, it was a good way to start our trip.

We had an early start on the second day, 1am to be exact. We wanted to do the Mt Batur hiking track, and because it’s a hiking track that people take to see the sunrise, and the mountain itself was around an hour drive away from where we lived, it meant we had to get there nice and early. The hike was pretty intense, but then again, I really don’t have much experience hiking. Each group would hire their own hiking guide, and we had a torch each to see where we were going, and yeh, it was definitely an experience, our guide pretty much had to pull me up eventually.

I fell on the way down though, and scraped my knee, which racked up a $90 dollar medical bill. Moral of the story: always get travel insurance.

Because the hike was so tiring, and I spent a good hour or two in the medical centre, we decided to just call it a day and walk around our villa and grab some food to eat. Oh, and my friend also took an extremely long nap haha.

On our third day, we wanted to finally get some massage around our villa, and that’s when I realised, I HATE MASSAGES. Seriously, how do people like them?! It’s so painful, not relaxing at all, and I didn’t feel better afterwards either. Maybe I’m just weird, who knows. My friend loved them though, in fact, I think she pretty much got at least two massages everyday from then on. Oh and this is some cool graffiti we saw while walking to dinner. The artist, BMD, is from New Zealand actually!

What is this?! They look like dragon eggs to me hahaha.

Unfortunately my camera was out of storage on day four, so no photos from there 😦 But we basically spent the whole day in Ku De Ta!

We finally hit up a temple on day five, it was in Uluwatu, and it’s called Pura Lahur, around an hour drive from where we stayed.

We went to Padang Padang Beach after that, and it was a much less touristy area compared to the rest! We really didn’t do much tbh, but it was just nice to have some more relaxing time again πŸ™‚

On the last day, I did the usual postcard sending, and we had one last plate of Babi Guling before we left – guess you’ll have to check the food post to know what I’m talking about hehe.

I have pretty mixed feelings about this trip up until this day, Bali was a lot more touristy than I expected, and I don’t mean that in a good way. We did have a bumpy ride, but nonetheless, I am grateful for the experience. If I ever felt up to it, I might make a separate blog post on that, but that’s all for now. As always, thanks for reading!

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