Everyone’s pretty smitten with the newly renovated Eastland, and the Town Square is its main drawcard for me, with numerous new places and old favourites closer to home.

Huxtaburger was the first place I decided to try out, because, hello, burgers!

Huxtaburger – $9.50

My friend went for the classic Huxtaburger, and she loved the bun! It was nice and crunchy, and because it was a brioche, buttery and rich. The patty itself is on the smaller side of things, but was cooked very well. The accompanying sauce and salad stopped the burger from getting too rich, and all in all, it was a satisfying burger, but considerably smaller than most other places.

Denise – $12.50 in a Small Meal – $5.50

Feeling like something fiery, I went for the Denise, essentially the same as the Huxtaburger, but with the addition of jalapeño and sriracha mayo. There was a substantial amount of jalapeño, which gave the burger the heat that I was looking for, the sriracha mayo was also flavourful, however, the amount of sauce made the bun pretty much collapse on itself, making it rather messy to eat.

The chips were good, super crispy on the outside, and potatoey on the inside.

Clair – $14.00 in a Small Meal – $5.50

One of my friend felt like a chicken burger, which meant her only option was the Clair. Although the chicken looks quite dark, it’s actually perfectly fried, and the slaw did lighten up the burger a little. The jalapeño mayo however, was not particularly jalapeño-y. She did also think that $14 was a bit excessive for this burger.

Huxtaburger was one of the first to join the Melbourne burger scene, and it is where I, and many others, had our first gourmet burger experience. For that reason, it will forever have a special place in my heart, nonetheless, it is hard to ignore the noticeably smaller size of their burgers, along with the price tag.

How to get there:
Huxtaburger is located in Eastland’s Town Square, which is right opposite Ringwood Station.

Huxtaburger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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