Beatbox Kitchen

How is it the second week of February already?! Was Christmas not just yesterday? In fact, wasn’t 2013 just like a month ago? Urgh, time flies. February has been hectic, to say the least. I have finally embarked on my law school journey! That’s for another post though, hopefully I’ll get one up towards the end of February! Unfortunately, all that studying means that I have been neglecting my blog, I full planned to schedule some posts during the holidays, but life happened instead. 
Anyway, I haven’t really figured out how I’m going to balance everything just yet, but for now, let’s just talk about what you clicked into this post for, a review of burgers! Beatbox Kitchen has been on my to try list for years, however, being a food truck, it meant that they were pretty tricky to hunt down! For someone that relies purely on public transport that is. When I visited The Big Design Market a couple months ago however, an opportunity presented itself when I spotted the truck outside of the Royal Exhibition Building.
Chilli Billy Burger – $13.00

I went for the Chilly Billy Burger, because who doesn’t like a bit of hit? I was thoroughly impressed by its looks alone, just look at the perfectly melted cheese and tell me you’re not salivating already. The burger had everything a good burger needed, a juicy thick patty, cheese, crispy lettuce, pickles for the crunch, and jalapeño and the spicy chipotle sauce adding some heat. Oh and let’s not forget about the stereo sauce, I don’t know what the secret ingredients are, but it sure tasted amazing.

Unlike the fifty other brioche bun that’s floating around in the burger joints, Beatbox Kitchen uses a baker’s white bun, what it lacked in sweetness and softness, it made up with integrity and structure, holding all the ingredients that were squashed between the buns together at all times. And that’s no easy task, just look at how thick that 170g beef pattie is!

Beatbox Kitchen brings something new to the burger scene, in my world that is. It uses wholesome ingredients, and provides an excellent burger. I’ll keep an eye out whenever I’m at an event for their food truck, and hopefully next I can try out their fries too.

How to get there:
Beatbox Kitchen has a few food trucks around town everyday, follow their Facebook page for more information.

Beatbox Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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