All the horrible myths you’ve heard about law school is true, hence the lack of posts for the last month, I never thought I was all that bad at time management, but that’s before law entered into my life. But that’s for another post, today’s one is going to be a long awaited restaurant review.

Fonda is a Mexican restaurant, its interior does not scream Mexican at all though. It’s got the industrial vibe going on with the use of pipes, and the yellow and black stripe which is reminiscent of those DANGER tapes that are thrown around construction site. However, there is also splashes of pastel colours throughout the restaurant. The high ceilings ensured that the place was filled with light, and overall, it felt inviting and spacious.

Tortilla Crisps – $9.00

Being at a Mexican restaurant, we opted for the tortilla crisps over the chips, since you know, traditions.

The two accompanying dips were both quite refreshing, though nothing extraordinary. The tortilla crisps were great though, they were thicker than your Dorito’s kind, and the crunch was on point. The blurple chips tasted the same as the yellow one, to my disappointment, but hey, that doesn’t take away from the novelty. 
Left: Horchata – $6.00
Right: Watermelon and Strawberry – $6.00

This was my first time trying a Horchata, and I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome! It’s a traditional Mexican drink made with evaporated milk, rice water, cinnamon and vanilla. The cinnamon flavour was quite prominent, and if you love cinnamon, then you’ll love this. The closest thing I can think of is a cinnamon flavoured milk tea, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a thing.

The watermelon and strawberry was pretty standard in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, it was still nice and perfect for a warm Summer night. Watermelon and strawberry is such a classic combination, and both fruits could be tasted in this drink, which is always nice.

Chopped Beef Burrito – $15.00

Moving onto the more substantial offerings of the night, we decided to share a couple of things to test out the menu. First off, we got the chopped beef burrito. Fonda takes a lighter approach with their burritos, filling it with toasted quinoa and black beans, rather than rice, the usual carb of choice. This is probably the best burrito I’ve had, the beef had so much flavour, and were perfectly pink in the middle, which means that it was nice and juicy. The salsa added some nice acidity to the burrito, and the chipotle aioli tied the whole thing together. Seriously, less calories and delicious, what more could you ask for?

Mexico City Pork Taco – $7.00

The tacos were equally as delicious, the pulled pork was tender and flavoursome, and the pomegranate added some sweetness and texture to it.

Chicken Adobo – $7.00

The chicken adobo was a lot more punchy in flavour, with ancho chilies, chipotle aioli and pico de gallo thrown into the mix. The charred corn did cool the heat down a little, and overall, it was a delightful combination.

After visiting Fonda, I completely get why people are always raving about it, and how quickly they managed the expand their Mexican affair. Mexican food that doesn’t leave you feeling greasy afterwards? I’m always down for that.

How to get there:
I went to the Hawthorn location of Fonda, which is on Glenferrie Road, a short five minutes walk from Glenferrie station. Other locations include Windsor, CBD, Richmond, and Knox City.

Fonda Mexican Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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