The Burger Block

A good burger goes a long way, which is why my friend and I made our way to The Burger Block the other day for a little Friyay celebration.
If you’ve visited JD’s Burgers before, you might be a bit confused. The Burger Block is where JD’s Burgers used to be, and their menu share quite a few similarities, with the theme of Asian fusion throughout. After speaking to the owner, Brenda, we realised that it is in fact, a brother and sister mix! Brenda began running The Burger Block earlier this year, aiming for a homely cafe that serves up some kick ass burgers, while JD’s Burger has relocated to Surrey Hills, in preparation of possibly expanding.
Enough of a back story, let’s get onto the food!
Chocolate Milkshake – $5.00

It was a sunny day, so my friend went for the classic chocolate milkshake. Unlike the crazy milkshakes that’s taken over instagram over the last few months, this is a throwback milkshake from my childhood. Chocolatey without being overly rich, my friend happily slurped it up.

Chips (small meal) – $6.50 extra

I got my burger in a small meal, and the chips reminded me of the ones from Schnitz! Flat with some all-so-delicious seasoning, these were super crispy, and we had to fight for the few tiny ones because they were extra crunchy.

Red Lantern – $12.90 w/ extra Jalapeño – $1.00

The Red Lantern grabbed my attention with the promise of chilli mayo, and damn, that mayo sure packed a punch! I added some extra jalapeño to amp up the heat even more, and they were huge!

The burger was constructed well overall, with the cheese perfectly melted onto the patty, and the crisp lettuce and onion, as well as the acidity from the jalapeño cutting through the heaviness of the patty and bacon.

Special mention goes towards the patty, Brenda told us that it’s actually her mum’s recipe, and it’s definitely one of the juiciest patties I’ve had to date! The beef was not all grounded up evenly like your standard patty, there were chunks of beef in between, which added both taste and flavour.

Green Lantern – $12.90

The Green Lantern had the exact same ingredients as the Red Lantern, but instead of chilli mayo, it had something more unusual – wasabi mayo. Now if you’re unfamiliar with wasabi, it is typically eaten with sushi and sashimi in Japanese cuisine, it’s spicy, but not the normal kind of spicy, basically, you gotta give it a go to see whether it floats your boat. I love wasabi, and the flavour of the wasabi definitely came through, which I was really impressed about.

My experience at The Burger Block was lovely, the food was amazing, and through talking to Brenda, her ambition and devotion towards the cafe was very endearing. If you’re feeling like some burgers that experiences with different flavours, yet manage to have everything in harmony, then The Burger Block is somewhere you have to visit.

How to get there:
Catch the bus #302 or #304 and get off at Peel St/Earl St, the restaurant is less than five minutes walk away.

I dined as a guest of The Burger Block.
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