Mi Corazon

I don’t have a whole lot of experience with Mexican food, sure, I’ve had my fair share of Salsa’s, but I’m talking about proper Mexican food here. Mi Corazon seemed pretty legit on first impressions alone, the funky tequila bar was decked out in lights, and the whole place just seemed like where the cool kids would hang on a Friday night.

Left: Coconut Margarita – $18.00
Right: Classic Margarita – $16.00

Because of the impressive bar, I was lured into ordering a coconut margarita, and my friend had a classic margarita. The coconut flavour was very distinct, and the overall effect was a creamy and sweet drink, which went down a treat. The classic margarita, on the other hand, was a lot more punchy in flavour.

Corn Chips w/ Guacamole and Salsa – $12.00

Starting things off, we had the corn chips with guacamole and salsa. The corn chips were thicker and crunchier than the Dorito kind, the guacamole was creamy and light, and the salsa offered a more acidic alternative to get your appetite going.

Elote (2 pcs) – $6.00

Grilled corn is another must, and Mi Corazon’s version had a light layer of parmesan and paprika powder, a great addition to the juicy corn kernels. If only the corn was grilled a tad more, this would’ve been perfect.

Chicken Wings – $12.00

I really didn’t expect much from the chicken wings, sure, they’re going to be tasty, but nothing ground-breaking. But I was wrong. The chicken wing was coated in a jalapeno pesto-esque paste, and it was spicy, to say the least. It was a great kind of spicy though, the kind that you just can’t put down, even though it means sculling a whole glass of water after.

Soft Shell Crab Tacos (2 pcs) – $15.00

Soft shell crab never disappoints, especially when it’s wrapped up in soft and warm tortillas. The batter was light and crunchy, and the sour shreds of coleslaw complemented the soft shell crab perfectly. The guacamole on the side was a bit confusing though, was I supposed to dip the whole taco into it, or spread it on top?

Pescado Tacos (2 pcs) – $12.00

The fish tacos were equally delicious. The fish were grilled lightly, and remained juicy and succulent. The crunchy coleslaw created an interesting counterpart to the softness of the fish. And the confusing guacamole makes another appearance.

Compachanos Tacos – $12.00

We went for one of the meatier taco options too, with both beef and chorizo thrown into the mix. I gave this a pass since I’m not a fan of coriander, but it was well-received around the table.

Pollo Quesadilla – $15.00 

The shredded chicken quesadilla were cheesy and soft, I wish there was more filling though!

Marinated Pork Quesadilla – $15.00

The marinated pork was punchier in flavour compared to the chicken, thanks to the orange and pineapple juice marinade, as well as the added garlic and onion.

Mi Corazon serves up a range of great tasting Mexican dishes. Although nothing innovative, it is a place where you can nibble on some corn chips while sipping on margaritas for hours on end, and sometimes that’s all you need.

How to get there:
Catch tram #1 or #8 and get off at Stop #126, Stewart St/Lygon St, and the restaurant is 50 metres away.

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