Miss Katie’s at Rochester Hotel

I’ve been wanting to visit Miss Katie’s since years ago, or it seems that way anyway, when it was still at its original location in North Melbourne in fact. My friend and I finally managed to sort out a dinner date here one fine sunny Summer day (yes my backlog is literally insane, trying to sort that out these holidays).

Set up at the Rochester Hotel, the vibe was chill to say the least, it’s somewhere that you would go out for a drink with your mates after a long day, enjoying the breezy atmosphere and just talking the night away. However, we were here for the food, although unsuspecting, the neon sign of the crab hung outside told us that we were at the right place.

Oysters – $1.00 each
We happened to be there at happy hour for the oysters, which meant that they were only a gold coin each. A dozen of these were the perfect start to our meal.

Fresh and briny, give it a squeeze of lemon before downing the whole thing in your mouth and it’s impeccable.

Katie’s Fried Chicken – $24.00

The only thing as famous as their crab boils would be chicken and waffle. This is actually the first time I’ve tried this Southern classic. The waffles were quite soft, not the crunchy kind that I’m a fan of.

The chicken was definitely the star of this plate, buttermilk, herbs, breadcrumbs and all the other goodness gave the chicken so much flavour and crunch, KFC ain’t going nothing on these! After spreading the bacon butter on the waffle and drowning it in maple syrup, the sweet and savoury combination is one that I’ll definitely come back to.

Crab Boil – $27.00

Onto the main show of the night, the crab boil! Initially I thought the serving was quite small, but man this whole pan of goodness was drowned in herb butter, decadent doesn’t even begin to describe it. The blue swimmer crab was accompanied by corn cobs, chat potatoes and spicy kranski.

This is definitely something you need to eat with your friend, and the plastic bibs that were provided also came in handy. After cracking open the crab with the tools given, we were rewarded from some juicy and tender crab meat, either eat it by itself for the natural seafood sweetness, or dip it in the herb butter pot for some added richness, it was seriously amazing!

I’m so glad I finally managed to visit Miss Katie’s, crab boils is something I’ve never tried before, and it’s such a delicious way to be eating your seafood! I plan on taking my mum here some day, since she’s always complaining about plain boiled crabs being boring, this will definitely change her mind!

How to get here:
Miss Katie’s is located on Johnston Street in Fitzroy, hop on tram #86 and get off at stop #19, Johnston Street/Smith Street, and Rochester Hotel is a short five minutes walk away.

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