Hawthorn Common


I’ve always been a bit iffy about Hawthorn, for some weird reason, there is never any signal when the train passes the station, and its proximity to Glenferrie, and the fact that half the trains during peak hour doesn’t stop here has always made it a bit of an useless station imo. However, there is no denial that there are some decent cafes around the area, my friend works at an accounting firm down the road, and it only makes sense for us to have brunch at Hawthorn Common during her lunch break.Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

I haven’t heard much about Hawthorn Common, but upon stepping inside, the open floor plan with ample amount of lighting has already piqued my interest.


Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice – $5.00

Since I already had a coffee earlier that morning, I decided to get something cool and refreshing, and the orange juice was exactly that.


Milk and Honey Waffles

I usually don’t order something sweet for brunch, unless I’m sharing with a friend. The milk and honey waffles sounded quite restrained in terms of the sweetness though, and I decided to live life on the edge and went ahead with the order.

The one-and-a-half slice of waffles was quite subtle indeed, although the waffles were quite dense, I really enjoyed the milk ice-cream with crumbed honey pieces. Although sweet, the waffles did not leave me feeling cloying at all, and I was pleasantly surprised actually.


Raspberry and Rhubarb Pancakes

My friend was feeling like something sweet too, so here we are, having desserts for breakfast. The raspberry and rhubarb pancakes were quite sweet, however, the rhubarb sauce was quite acidic, which helped to balance out the dish. She also found the house-made roll ups on the top of the pancakes quite amusing.67

Hawthorn Common was bustling during our stay, and it’s not hard to see why. In a suburb where there are a numerous number of cafes, Hawthorn Common manages to standout through its succinct menu that’s studded with innovative dishes, as well as the inviting and luscious atmosphere.

Since my visit a little over half a year ago, Hawthorn Common’s menu has changed it quite a bit, and the two things we ordered are no longer on the menu, however, the pavlova pancakes sounds pretty amazing to me!

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