Earlier this week, I was invited for a coffee tasting at the Village Cafe, hosted by DiBella Coffee and Zomato, and being the coffee fanatic I am, I was ready to sacrifice some sleep considering all the coffee we were about to sample.12The tables were set beautifully with some VOSS water, Capi juice to be used as a palette cleanser, as well as almonds and dark chocolate, and let’s not forget the plates filled with both raw and roasted coffee beans!

The Village Cafe’s owner, Samil, otherwise known as Sam, welcomed us into his restaurant, and gave us a brief history of how he turned a lackluster cafe into a buzzing business over the span of three years, with his wife’s help in the kitchen, and a dedicated team at work.

Our teacher for the night was Moshi Tawil, a man with a lifetime of knowledge about green bean coffee, and is clearly passionate about coffee. He has been trading coffee for years, and travels frequently as part of his job, and his powerpoint about how coffee is cultivated left us all in awe.


Citrus Tart

While Moshi continued with his coffee stories, the first dessert and coffee pairing was placed in front of us. The citrus tart had a very smooth lemon curd, and the pastry was very short, this would have been a tad sweet served on its own, however, it was balanced out by the coffee perfectly.


Kenya Twiga AB Espresso

Moshi told us that there are five main categories when calibrating coffee; aroma, acidity, body, flavour and aftertaste. I’m not usually an espresso drinker, which means at the start, the only thing I can taste was bitter LOL. As the coffee cooled down though, the flavour of blueberry did come through, and although acidic, the aftertaste was very pleasant.


Chocolate Lava Cake matched with Tanzania Shiwanda Estate AA Long Macchiato

Chocolate and coffee seriously go hand in hand, the long macchiato actually did have a chocolatey note, as well as cherry, from memory.


So perfectly round!


Not anymore!

Nothing beats the feeling of putting your fork through a chocolate lava cake and seeing the ooey gooey centre, this is definitely one decadent dessert!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Sweet Kenaffe matched with House Blend Felici Latte

Last but certainly not least, we had moved onto a milk coffee at last, paired with Kenaffe, a Lebanese dessert made by Sam’s wife!


Sweet Kenaffe

The kenaffe was very smooth in texture, and kind of reminded me of a vanilla slice, but with a mousse like texture if that makes sense. This was the least sweet of the three desserts, which is probably a good thing considering we were all reaching a sugar high by this stage.


House Blend Felici Latte

The latte was smooth and had a lovely aroma, and I enjoyed it so much that I drank it all, probably not the wisest decision to down three cups of coffee in less than two hours, but oh well, it was worth it at the time.



After all that coffee and dessert, we were given more! None of us could fit in any more sweets at this point, but I did take two home. Unfortunately my mum stole them before I woke up the next morning, but I have it on her words that they went down a treat with a cup of tea!

I thoroughly enjoyed the night spent at the Village Cafe, and considering how much coffee I drink, I did not know enough about it before the masterclass! All of us were buzzing for hours after, but hey, what’s life without a little buzz?

How to get there:
The Village Cafe is located on Doncaster Road, get on tram #48 towards North Balwyn via Bridge Road, and get off at Stop #47, North Balwyn Shopping Centre/Doncaster Road, and the cafe is right across the road.

The Village Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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