White Mojo

1White Mojo has taken social media by storm, in fact, it’s been doing so well that it has opened up a second restaurant in Balwyn only a few months after its CBD predecessor.

The place aims to have everything as instagram worthy as possible, from the all white interior, where there is plenty of natural light for photo taking, to the theatrical smoke filled cloches that add drama to any dish, let alone a unusual sounding cauliflower panna cotta.


Left: Skinny Flat White – $4.00; Right: Matcha Latte – $4.50

We started off with some hot drinks to warm us up on another cold Melbourne morning, seriously has it always been this cold?!


Skinny Flat White – $4.00

White Mojo uses beans from Sumatran coffee, which I’ve never tried before. The coffee was very smooth, although I would’ve preferred something slightly stronger, this still hit the spot.


Matcha Latte – $4.50

The matcha latte was super green, always a good sign. My friend did enjoy it as it had a strong matcha flavour without being overpoweringly bitter.


Top: Pork Benedict – $22.00; Bottom: White Mojo Croissant Burger – $22.00

Moment of appreciation for these marble hexagon tiled tabletops please, I know marble’s kind of been over done as of late, but urgh it’s just so aesthetically pleasing I can’t.


White Mojo Croissant Burger – $22.00

I was torn between the cauliflower panna cotta and the croissant burger for the longest time, but ended up picking the burger because um, croissant burger AND soft shell crab hello?! This is something that I never knew I needed until I tried it. How has no one else thought of this combination before?! The buttery and flaky croissant providing the perfect base for the crunchy soft shell crab, add two fried eggs and take out the coriander, and we have a winner right here. This was definitely very indulgent, and towards the end it did get a little heavy, however, the chipotle mayo did lend some spiciness to the burger.


Pork Benedict – $22.00

The pork benedict probably wasn’t the prettiest dish going around, but my friend did like White Mojo’s spin on the classic pairing of roast pork with apple sauce. They incorporated cubes of roast pork with compressed apple slices. There was also a generous amount of hollandaise sauce, however, my friend wished there were one extra slice of bread to soak up the sauce and egg yolk with.89White Mojo seems to have everything that makes up a great cafe; innovative menu, beautiful interior, and friendly service. They serve up sparkling rather than still water on the table, which definitely gives off a more sophisticated vibe, unfortunately, my friend and I both prefer still water, which they happily changed for us.

With some time and more tweaks into the particulars of the menu items, White Mojo is definitely one to watch in the Melbourne brunch scene, and I’m glad that more great brunch places are popping up in the eastern suburbs!

How to get there:
White Mojo is located on Whitehorse Road in Balwyn, catch tram #109 and get off at stop #48, the cafe is 5o metres away.

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