Three Monkeys Place

Brunch places popping up in the east side always excites me, which is why I visited Three Monkeys Place with a friend before she left for exchange, to give her one last dose of Melbourne to last through the six months.1234The colour palette of aqua, pink and white was right up my alley, with some hanging lights and exposed walls, Three Monkeys Place has got the shabby chic vibe down packed.5


Skinny Flat White

I sipped on a skinny flat white while pursuing the menu, and the coffee was robust and earthy, the tiffany blue cup and saucer set was sooooo cute.


Beets and Thyme Salmon

The house-cured salmon is one of Three Monkey Places signature dish, and this was before the avocado rose craze, so kudos to them. Presentation aside, the salmon was of a good thickness, and both flavours can be tasted, the beets was both more vibrant in colour and flavour, while the thyme was quite mellow.8


The fennel and rocket salad lightened up the dish, while the poached egg added some creaminess, however, I was a bit confused by the horseradish cream.


Wild Shroom

Following the logic of you can never go wrong with mushrooms, my friend ordered the wild shrooms. The dish sounded quite simple on paper, and what she received reflected that quite well. Although nothing was wrong with the dish per se, there was nothing imaginative about it either, and she was a bit disappointed. 10111213Although Three Monkeys Place looks quite small when you first walk in, there is a few seating area, including a cute courtyard towards the back of the cafe, which would perfect once the weather gets warmer.

Three Monkeys Place served up some comforting yet non-exciting brunch food, it’s pretty much what I expect from a local cafe. Given that there are a couple of brunch places that are definitely above par in the east side, and Three Monkeys Place isn’t exactly that close to me, I don’t think I will be rushing back anytime soon.

How to get there:
Three Monkeys Place is located on Jackson Court, get on bus #279 and get off at stop Doncaster Rd/Wetherby Rd, the cafe is around 10 minutes walk away.

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