Bon Chicken & Beer

Instead of me whining about how hard law school has been for the hundredth time, let’s just get onto the review.

Bon Chicken & Beer is a new eatery on Kingsway, there are already some great Korean restaurants in the area, however, none of them specialise in Korean fried chicken, something that I crave from time to time.

The restaurant was quite small, but the service was friendly and we were sat down promptly.


Complimentary salad

Instead of the usual banchan, salad and pickles were served alongside the fried chicken. The salad was kind of like a coleslaw, and had plenty of spicy mayo on top.


Pickled radish

The pickled radish was very refreshing, and did help to prevent the other dishes from being too cloyingly heavy.


Kimchi Pancake – $14.00

We started off with a classic, kimchi pancake. The kimchi pancake was not as crispy as I like, however, this is probably due to the amount of kimchi that was in the dough, and the fact that it’s not overly oily, like my favourite rendition of the dish from Joomak. The sauce in the middle was very salty though, you only need the tiniest bit for some extra flavour.


Tteobokki – $15.00

Another crowd favourite is the tteobokki. For those of you unfamiliar with the dish, it’s basically cylinder shaped rice cake stir fried in a sweet and spicy sauce with vegetables, fish cake, and some ramen thrown into the mix. Although nothing out of the ordinary, this was very comforting to nibble on.


Half & Half Chicken: Sweet Chilli and Soy Garlic – $33.00

For those of you who are as indecisive as me when it comes to ordering, the half and half is such a God send. The chicken had a super crispy batter which I loved, and my favourite out of the two was the soy garlic, it had the perfect balance of flavour, and the chicken was extremely tender. The sweet chilli was great too, however, there a little too much sauce for my liking.6Although Bon Chicken & Beer opened not too long ago, it was already pretty busy, clearly people can never say no to fried chicken on a cold Winter night. If you’re wanting to try some chicken that’s not from Gami, then Bon might be where you should head to next, some of my friends actually prefer the chicken at Bon better, if that’s any indication.

How to get there:
Bon Chicken & Beer is located on Kingsway in Glen Waverley, just 5 minutes walk from Glen Waverley station.

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