Persian Flavours

Persia always seemed like such a mysterious country to me, I remember when I was younger, one of the Chinese periodical action drama series I watched had a girl from Persia and she was absolutely gorgeous, with super long eyelashes and all, and that marked my first exposure to Persian culture I suppose (she wasn’t even Persian LOL).

I noticed Persian Flavours because of its proximity to Nunawading station, and marked it down as a place to visit. When there happened to be a buy one main get one free deal in Entertainment Weekly, I decided to finally give it a go.1


Chicken Masti – $15.80

Because my grandma doesn’t eat lamb, we had to give the mixed kebab a miss and ordered the chicken masti instead. The chicken pieces were extremely tender and was full of flavour, I can’t really pinpoint the mix of spices that was in there, but it’s definitely something that’s familiar yet different.


Chicken Tikka Curry – $16.50

The chicken tikka curry seemed extremely underwhelming when it was placed down on the table, the serving was smaller than I expected, and it literally looks like they just plopped some sort of chicken stew into a bowl with not a single care in the world. Upon tasting it, however, my opinions changed immediately. The curry had an unusual sweet and tangy flavour, and the sauce was extremely tasty when dipped in with naan, which actually didn’t come with the curry, but came out with the kebabs instead.


Zereshk Polow – $7.50

We also ordered a side of Zereshk Plow, which turned out to be necessary to use up all the sauce in the curry! My grandma was fascinated by how long the grains of rice were.5Presentation is definitely not what Persian Flavours pride themselves with, however, it kind of reminded me of a no-frill yet authentic Chinese restaurant, if this is how flavoursome Persian food is, then I’m definitely down for more! The setting was very casual and the service was a bit messy, which is why I think next time I’ll just get some takeaway and enjoy the food at the comfort of my own home.

How to get there:
Persian Flavours is located on Springvale Road, 5 mins walk from Nunawading station.

Persian Flavours Takeaway & Eat In Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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