Massive Wieners

Ah Massive Wieners. Specialising in massive hot dogs (12″ being the exact measurement) and fries, I’ve wanted to try it out for a while now, if only to say that I had a massive wiener. I know, so mature and professional of me.

One of my friend lived in Prahran a couple years back, and I’ve literally asked her to come to Massive Wieners with me a dozen of times, but for one reason or another, we never made it there. And then one day last year, I was determined to make it happen, but realised that it was actually under renovation.

After making sure that it was indeed, open, we visited the hot dog joint on a sunny Sunday. The space was quite grungy and bare, and it was actually smaller than what I had expected. Orders are placed at the counter, and then brought out to your table by a friendly staff.

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Kraut (Average Joe) – $7.00

All hot dogs come with the basics – ketchup, mustard, onion and cheese. There are a range of toppings you can choose to add to the basic combination, and I chose kraut. Although deceptively simple, the hot dog was actually very tasty. You can tell that a lot of thought was put into the selection of ingredient, from the toasty bun, to the hot dog itself, which was a lot more meaty and had a firmer texture than cheaper hotdogs elsewhere. The kraut was addictively sour, and lent some extra crunch to the wiener.

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Classic (Average Joe) – $6.00

My friend went for the classic, and it was equally as delicious. We both went for the Average Joe, a 6″ wiener, and it was more than enough. Did we want to give the massive wiener a shot? Sure, but we also wanted to play things safe and save room for some fries on the side.

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Disco Fries (Average) – $7.00

Out of the three fries options, we went for the disco fries; crispy fries topped with gravy, cheese and onion. This is the type of fries that can only be eaten with a fork, and taste best when you can get a mouthful of all the elements.

Massive Wieners delivers exactly what it promised; hot dogs and fries, done with love and care. The straight-forward offerings means that it is perfect for a quick bite to eat, especially after a night out, which is perfect given that it is open until 4am on a Friday night. So next time, trade your kebabs for some hot dogs, and I guarantee that you will thank yourself the next day.

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